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Content.    American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky illustrates the history and evolution of our nation's military actions, both at home and abroad, using a series of National Historic Landmarks and National Register properties. It presents a wide range of military activities from the American Revolution to the Cold War era following World War II, and includes those activities that were enthusiastically supported by the American public as well as some that were not.

Background of Defenders on the Web.  The Department of Interior (National Park Service) and the Department of Defense (Legacy Resources Management Program) became partners in a heritage education project in 1996 when NPS received funding support through a competitive DoD grant program for American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky. Appreciation for this opportunity is extended to Sherri W. Goodman, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environmental Security). The book, targeted to middle school students, was created and written by Kay Weeks, National Park Service, and illustrated by award-winning New York illustrator, Roxie Munro. Ms. Munro has published many other books for children, including The Inside-Outside Book of New York City (1985); Blimps (1989); The Inside-Outside Book of Paris (1992); and The Inside-Outside Book of Libraries (1996).

Who Did What?  

Harry A. Butowsky, Historian for the National Park Service's History and Education Division, wrote the introductions to each chapter. Mary Bandziukas, Legacy Program Manager in 1996, lent her enthusiasm to the project and made substantive contributions to the content as well. L. Peter Boice, DoD Director of Conservation, reviewed the draft and final manuscript. Edwin C. Bearrs, retired Chief Historian of the National Park Service and an expert in military history, offered helpful advice in the preliminary selection of National Historic Landmarks to be featured in the book. A. Brooks Prueher, Preservation Planner, Heritage Preservation Services, contacted military bases and collected background information.

Original materials were adapted into this long distance learning program for the web by Kay Weeks. Appreciation is extended to NPS colleagues Terry Childs, Brian Cary, Kathleen Madigan, Mark Oviatt and Matthew J. Burns for lending their web expertise to its final design. Historical photographs are in the public domain. Animated gifs were obtained from several web design companies, which make their products available free of charge for personal or educational purposes, such as this site.

Information in this web product is not copyrighted. Teachers, parents, and other educators are welcome to reproduce the content for non-profit educational purposes. Appropriate acknowledgements are always appreciated.

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