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Mutual Musician's Association Building
We created new kinds of music--ragtime, the blues, and jazz.

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Mutual Musician's Association Building
Kansas City, Missouri

The Negro Musician's Foundation was formed on Highland Avenue in 1929 by a group of professional musicians who needed rehearsal space. The building also included Local #627 of the American Federation of Musicians Union. Together, the Foundation and the Union became a training ground and source of jobs for many Kansas City musicians from the 1920s to 1940s. Soon, Kansas City became as important to the national music scene as New York, New Orleans, and Chicago. Several jazz greats of all time were members of this Foundation and Local #627. They include band leaders Count Basie and Jay McShann, singer Julia Lee, trumpeter "Hot Lips" Page, and saxophonists Hershal Evans, Lester Young, and Charlie "Bird" Parker.

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