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The Botto House
We struggled to improve our working conditions.

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Maria and Pietro Botto House
Haledon, New Jersey

Protesting unfair working conditions, 800 loom weavers in a Paterson, New Jersey silk mill walked off the job in January of 1913. Soon, 24,000 angry men, women, and childen joined in a general strike that closed all the Paterson mills and dye houses.

Encouraged by leaders of the Industrial Workers of the World, the strikers demanded an 8-hour work day and $12 a week minimum wage. The Bottos were weavers who offered their home in Haledon to hold weekly rallies. After seven months, though, workers had to return to the same harsh conditions at the mills. But this strike was very important because it made the nation more aware of the problems faced by workers, especially recent immigrants in the work force.

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