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Here is the complete list of National Historic Landmarks you'll be visiting in The Great American Landmarks Adventure. They are presented as events occured historically, so you'll learn more if you go through the pages in sequence. Stop...print out...color... Roxie Munro's neat drawings on your way! But try to take the journey from start to finish. You can have fun and learn about America's past at the same time!

Many of these Landmarks are open to the public. Just call a Visitors' Center or Tourist Bureau in the city or town in which the Landmark is located. Ask about hours and any admission fee. Or call the Landmark itself for information.

Pictograph Cave
Billings, Montana

Taos Pueblo
Taos, New Mexico

Houses of Our Past*
(17th-20th c.)

Virginia to Hawaii

Adam Thoroughgood House*
Virginia Beach, Virginia

De Wint House*
Tappan, New York

Parlange Plantation House*
Mix vicinity, Louisiana.

African House at
Melrose Plantation*

Melrose, Lousiana

Rafael Gonzales House*
Santa Barbara, California

The Wo Hing Society Temple*
Lahaina, Island of Maui, Hawaii

Old South Meeting House
Boston, Massachusetts

African Meeting House
Boston, Massachusetts

Michter's Distillery
Shaefferstown, Pennsylvania

Elfreth's Alley
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hancock Shaker Village
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

U.S. Capitol
Washington, D.C.

Octagon House
Washington, D.C.

Eastern State Penitentiary
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Upper Green River
Rendezvous Site

Daniel, Wyoming

Independence Rock
Casper, Wyoming

Baltimore Shot Tower
Baltimore, Maryland

Ellicott City Station
Ellicott City, Maryland


Boston Public Garden
Boston, Massachusetts

Harrisville Historic District
Harrisville, New Hampshire

Susan B. Anthony House
Rochester, New York

Brooklyn Bridge
Manhattan - Brooklyn, New York

Mark Twain House
Hartford, Connecticut

Lucy, the Margate Elephant
Margate City, New Jersey

Balclutha (Sailing Ship)
San Francisco, California

Berea College (Lincoln Hall)
Berea, Kentucky

Cleveland Arcade
Cleveland, Ohio

Bell Telephone Laboratories
New York City, New York

Little Tokyo Historic District
Los Angeles, California

Bank of Italy
San Francisco, California

Lowell Observatory
Flagstaff, Arizona

Maria and Pietro Botto House
Haledon, New Jersey

Highland Park Ford Plant
Detroit, Michigan

Mutual Musician's
Association Building

Kansas City, Missouri

Rose Bowl
Pasadena, California

Playland Amusement Park
Rye, New York

Paramount Theater
Oakland, California

Empire State Building
New York City, New York

Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Gateway Arch
St. Louis, Missouri

Saturn V Launch Vehicle
Huntsville, Alabama

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