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Great American Landmarks Adventure


First as book...The Great American Landmarks Adventure, created by Kay Weeks, and featuring the drawings of Roxie Munro, was published as a book in 1992. Since then, over 11,000 copies have been sold by the Government Printing Office. Parents, teachers, and kids have read it, used it at home and on travel, and taken it into the classroom. A Teacher's Guide by Patricia Bonner was developed to accompany the Adventure book and distributed by NPS free of charge to schools both here and abroad.

Funding support for the Adventure book included several NPS partners, including the American Architectural Foundation, the Department of Defense's Legacy Resources Management Program, and the Historic Preservation Education Foundation. At that time, many people were thanked for their generous commitment to this project from 1990-1992: From NPS, Technical Preservation Services: Laura Feller, H. Ward Jandl, Chuck Fisher, Sally Blumenthal, and Terri Robinson. From the American Architectural Foundation, Ray Rhinehart and Alan Sandler. From the General Services Administration, Patricia Bonner; From the Octagon Museum, Nancy Davis.

next as web site... About 1996, the History Channel Online expressed interest in partnering with NPS to re-format the materials for a web audience, and, of course, NPS was delighted to participate. That initial web design was by Interactive 8, New York. In 1997, the History Channel online generously donated its web materials to the National Park Service for use on Links to the Past. Terry Childs and Mark Oviatt posted the Adventure as its second feature.

In 2000... In March and April, 2000, the Great American Landmarks Adventure was again re-designed as a heritage education gallery and trip through time. Roxie Munro's illustrations and the history of each Landmark are now featured on the same page for easier user access and understanding of the historical chronology. The value of posting these materials as a distance learning program has thus been underscored. The Teacher's Guide remains an integral part of the newly designed site.

Appreciation is extended to Mark Oviatt, for creating the dramatic new Adventure homepage. Information in this web product is not copyrighted. Teachers, parents, and other educators are welcome to reproduce the drawings and statements of historical significance for non-profit educational purposes. Appropriate acknowledgements are always appreciated.

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