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Historic Preservation Planning for Local Communities

A Typical Planning Process

Step 5. What Issues, Threats, and Opportunities Need to be Addressed?

Assessing the status of the resources and the factors that affect their preservation helps us define issues, threats, and opportunities, which, in turn, helps identify goals and objectives, and define priorities.

Based on the analyses conducted in Steps 3 and 4, and the results of public participation, it should be fairly straight-forward to identify issues, threats, and opportunities.

Issue — statement of a problem to be analyzed and resolved through the planning process.

Threat — action that may damage or destroy a historic or cultural resource.

Opportunity — a situation, strategy, or tool that could be used to benefit historic and cultural resource preservation.


Additional guidance can be found in the Sources of Additional Information and the PLANNING COMPANION — just click on the menu links to the left. Defining Issues from our Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program's Community Toolbox also has some useful information.

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