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Historic Preservation Planning for Local Communities

A Typical Planning Process

Step 2. What Future Do We Want for Our Heritage? Creating a Vision

Creating a vision for historic preservation in your community is a fundamental step in preservation planning.

A vision for historic preservation is basically what you want the future to be for historic and cultural resources — a description of what that future will be like.

Vision is about greatness — it engages our imaginations and expresses our ideals.

Vision is our planning destination — what we want to achieve through the planning process and plan implementation.

What's the Difference?
Vision — Mission — Goal — Objective

Vision — description of our desired future.

Mission — description of an organization's purpose.

Goal — a step to be taken to achieve our vision.

Objective — actions to be carried out to achieve the goal.


Additional guidance can be found in the Sources of Additional Information and the PLANNING COMPANION — just click on the menu links to the left. Also see Vision Creating and Vision — A Powerful but Underrated Tool.

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