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Historic Preservation Planning for Local Communities

General Planning Guidance

Guidance from State Historic Preservation Offices


  • Historic Preservation Elements: Having a Seat at the Table. Preservation Matters: The Newsletter of the Office of Historic Preservation, Spring 2009. On-line
  • A Path to Parity: Adopting a Historic Preservation Element to the General Plan by Petree A. Knighton, professional report for the California Office of Historic Preservation, 2002. On-line


  • Guidance for Local Preservation Planning, including Model Community Preservation Plan; Appendix A, From the Ground Up: A Preservation Plan for Georgia, 2001-2006. On-line
  • See also guidance on Georgia’s Regional Preservation Planning Program, on-line


  • Municipal Preservation Plans. Massachusetts Historical Commission, Boston, Massachusetts, 2001. On-line


  • Why Plan for Historic Preservation? Ohio Historical Society's Preservation Toolbox. On-line


  • Guidance for Historic Preservation Planning and Planning Guidance for Archaeological Sites. Bureau for Historic Preservation, Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 2009. On-line

     South Carolina

  • Preparing the historic resources element of the comprehensive plan. Preservation Hotline #4. South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 2002. On-line
  • Cultural Resources: The Local Planning Guide to Preparing a Cultural Resources Element for the Comprehensive Plan, by Allison C. Bello and Dorothy McFalls for the South Carolina Academy for Planning under sponsorship by the South Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association, the South Carolina Arts Commission, and the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 2002. Not currently on-line, but may be available from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History


  • Historic Preservation: A Tool for Managing Growth. Washington State Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development, June 2005. On-line


  • A Guide to Smart Growth and Cultural Resource Planning. Edited by Richard A. Bernstein, Division of Historic Preservation, Wisconsin Historical Society, n.d. On-line

Guidance from the American Planning Association

Model State Enabling Legislation for Local Historic Preservation Planning

  • Growing SmartSM Legislative Guidebook: Model Statutes for Planning and the Management of Change offers recommendations for a model state enabling statute for historic preservation as an element in the local comprehensive plan (Chapter 7, Section 215). See the entire Guidebook On-line
  • Also see the Growing SmartSM User Manual for the Growing SmartSM Legislative Guidebook, 2002. On-line

Guidance for Specialized Preservation Plans

     Battlefield Preservation Plan

  • Guidance for Developing a Battlefield Preservation Plan. American Battlefield Protection Program, National Park Service, Washington, D.C., 2001. On-line

     Disaster Planning

  • Disaster Mitigation for Historic Structures: Protection Strategies. Prepared by 1000 Friends of Florida for the Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources and the Florida Division of Emergency Management with assistance from Laura Lee Corbett of Laura Lee Corbett Consulting and Alex Magee, 2008. On-line
  • Emergency Management Planning for Cultural Resources, Chapter 3 in Cultural Resources: The Local Planning Guide to Preparing a Cultural Resources Element for the Comprehensive Plan. By Allison C. Bello and Dorothy McFalls. South Carolina Academy for Planning and the South Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association, Columbia, 2002.
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning Resources. Federal Emergency Management Agency. On-line See especially How-To Guide #6, Integrating Historic Property and Cultural Resource Considerations into Hazard Mitigation Planning, May 2005. On-line
  • Managing Disaster Risks for World Heritage. UNESCO World Heritage Center, 2010. On-line
  • Thinking About the Unthinkable: A Disaster Plan for Historic Properties in Minnesota, by Claybaugh Preservation Architecture, Inc., September 1999. On-line The archaeology section of the plan is available from the State Historic Preservation Office at the Minnesota Historical Society.

     Historic Landscapes

  • Inventorying, Managing, and Preserving Agricultural Historic Landscapes in Minnesota, by BRW, Inc., State Historic Preservation Office, Minnesota Historical Society, June 1999. On-line
  • Protecting Cultural Landscapes: Planning, Treatment, and Management of Historic Landscapes, by Charles A. Birnbaum. Preservation Brief 36, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, 1994. On-line

     Heritage Corridors

  • Corridor Management Plan for the Ohio National Road Scenic Byway. Prepared for The National Road Communities in Ohio and the Ohio Historic Preservation Office by HRG Consultants, Inc., and Gray & Pape, November 2001. On-line
  • Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor Management Plan. Ohio & Erie Canal Association, June 2000. On-line

     National Heritage Areas

  • Components of a Successful National Heritage Area Management Plan, National Park Service, National Heritage Area Program, August 2007. On-line
  • Examples of National Heritage Area management plans can be found on the National Heritage Area Program's website.

     Underwater Cultural Resources

  • Beneath Minnesota Waters: Minnesota's Submerged Cultural Resources Preservation Plan, by Mitchell W. Marken, Amy Ollendorf, Pat Nunnally, and Scott Anfinson, June, 1997. On-line


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