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Hurricane Disaster Relief Grants

Total grant award: $2.45 million with $2.25 million for subgrants

Program Guidelines and Background:
 •38 projects received grant funding.
 • Grants were awarded to a mix of homeowners, municipalities, and Alabama State run historic preservation projects.
 • Subgrant awards ranged from as small as $1,139 to the maximum grant amount of $100,000.
 • Alabama hosted two outreach workshops to help applicants.

Project Examples:
 • Fort Morgan Casemate (NHL 1850s fort) masonry stabilization.
 • Isle Dauphin roof repair of the 1956 beach club.
 • Chunchula Schoolhouse window repair and leveling, a project that has since attracted additional outside grant funding.

Total grant award: $22.7 million with $21.4 million available for subgrants

Program Guidelines and Background:
 • 567 projects received grant funding.
   • Over 1,900 applications received, totaling $41,749,089 in requested funding.
 • Subgrants to homeowners ranged from $5,000 to $45,000; with some grants to smaller commercial properties.
 • All properties awarded grants are protected by preservation agreements. No easements were required but most project properties are located in regulated historic districts.

Project Examples:
 • There are grant projects in every historic district in New Orleans and the 15 surrounding parishes, covering a wide variety of rehabilitation and preservation projects primarliy of private homes.

Total grant award: $27.5 million with $26 million available for subgrants

Program Guidelines and Background:
 • 257 projects received grant funding.
 • 566 applications were received for a total of $55 million in requested funding.
 • Grant assistance was largely for owner-occupied homes, but some private non-profit properties, public properties, and commercial properties received funding as well.
 • Grants range in size from $20,000 to $1 million but most properties were capped at no more than $150,000.
 •  Mississippi hosted multiple events to promote the program and inform the public.
 • All properties have easements that range from five years to perpetuity based on the grant amount awarded.

Project Examples:

 • Beauvoir, the Jefferson Davis Home received grant funding for the restoration of all interior decorative plaster.
 • The Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan designed Charnley Cottage and Guest House received funding for restoration.
 • The Steiner home in Waveland received funding for stabilization and rehabilitation of the exterior of the residence.

While Hurricane Katrina has often been referred as the worst natural disaster to have ever occurred in the United States the unsettling reality is that natural disasters happen ever year in every region of the country and being better prepared and ready to meet these fire, flood, wind, and storm surge events is critical to the future survival and recovery of many of our irreplaceable historic resources.



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Did You Know?
Did you know that Dorchester Academy Boys’ Dormitory is listed as one of the 11 most endangered historic places of 2009 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation?

History in the Halls: Discover a never-ending quest for knowledge at Georgia’s Dorchester Academy.  Thousands learned and lived here, from African-American youth in the 1890s to rights activists in the 1960s.

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