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Historically Black Colleges & Universities
Frequently Asked Questions
HBCU matching grant assistance is available to repair historic structures on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places or considered eligible to be listed by the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO).  Projects must meet major program selection criteria and all work must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Grants are awarded through a competitive process to eligible applicants.  Each grant must be matched at a ratio of 70 percent Federal funds to 30 percent non-Federal (to calculate the required matching share, multiply the federal share by 0.4285714 or 3/7 of the Federal share).

All HBCU presidents are provided applications and invited to apply for a grant award.  However, only buildings or structures already listed in, or considered eligible by the State Historic Preservation Officer for listing (as evidenced by a letter), in the National Register of Historic Places as of the published deadline for submitting grant applications are eligible for a grant award.

Funds may be used for essential preservation repair work to make these buildings safe and useable again to include:  structural stabilization; tuckpointing masonry; abating environmental hazards such as lead paint, asbestos, pigeon droppings; installing or replacing heating, ventilating, and cooling systems; repair/replacing electrical and plumbing systems; repairing leaky roofs; treating termite damage; and providing handicapped accessibility.

  • New construction (in contrast to repair of existing features) is not eligible, with the exception of any limited new construction that may be needed to create access for the disabled to individual historic buildings and facilities.
  • Major reconstruction is not eligible, nor are projects proposing solely routine or cyclic maintenance, such as painting window sash.
  • Administrative costs of the HBCU, overhead, and indirect costs are not eligible for assistance .
  • Costs of fund-raising campaigns.
  • Costs of work performed prior to grant award.

  • The historic building or structure must possess architectural integrity (the building has not been so altered as to have lost its historic appearance).
  • Have the most critical need for immediate repairs to correct structural and health and safety defects in order to preserve the building
  • Have the most historical and architectural significance.
  • Have a strong likelihood of being able to contribute the required nonfederal matching share of 30 percent of the total project costs and to complete the grant successfully.
  • The HBCU grant application is received by the National Park Service by the announced deadline.



Did You Know?
Did you know that Dorchester Academy Boys’ Dormitory is listed as one of the 11 most endangered historic places of 2009 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation?

History in the Halls: Discover a never-ending quest for knowledge at Georgia’s Dorchester Academy.  Thousands learned and lived here, from African-American youth in the 1890s to rights activists in the 1960s.

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