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Note on Valley Generals

According to Civil War Generals, compiled by James Spencer, the Shenandoah Valley produced eight brigadier generals, six who fought for the Confederacy and two for the Union: John D. Imboden (C/Staunton), James W. Denver (U/Winchester), John R. Jones (C/Harrisonburg), Thomas Jordan (C/Luray), Richard L. Page (C/Clarke County), Alexander W. Reynolds (C/Clarke County), John D. Stevenson (U/Staunton), and James A. Walker (C/Mt. Sidney). Of 117 generals who were killed in battle, 50 died on Virginia battlefields, 7 in the Valley: Brig. Gen. Turner Ashby (C/Harrisonburg/June 1862), Brig. Gen. Daniel D. Bidwell (U/Cedar Creek/Oct. 1864), Brig. Gen. Archibald C. Godwin (C/Opequon/Sept. 1864), Brig. Gen. William ``Grumble'' Jones (C/Piedmont/June 1864), Maj. Gen. Stephen D. Ramseur (C/Cedar Creek/Oct. 1864), Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes (C/Opequon/Sept. 1864), and Brig. Gen. David A. Russell (U/Opequon/Sept. 1864). Col. George S. Patton, grandfather of Gen. George S. ``Blood and Guts'' Patton of World War II fame, was killed commanding a Confederate brigade at Opequon on September 19, 1864. He is buried in Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester.

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