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National Park Service Uniforms
The Developing Years 1932-1970
Number 5


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Howard Chapman in uniform — GRCA, 1963. Chapman is shown at Grand Canyon National Park soon after his transfer from Yellowstone National Park. The National Park Service Training Center had been temporarily located in Yosemite National Park for four years before finding a permanent home on the South Rim at Grand Canyon. Chapman had transferred to become an instructor at the new Training Center, now christened the Horace M. Albright Training Center, which was completed in the summer of 1963. His 1960 badge and nametag, as well as arrowhead patch and Department of the Interior 10-year service pin stand out on his 1947 pattern uniform. NPSHPC-HFC#50-70-15

Publications in the
Number 1 Badges and Insignia1894-1991

Number 2 In Search of an Identitymen's uniforms - 1872-1920
Number 3 Ironing Out the Wrinklesmen's uniforms - 1920-1932
Number 4 Breeches, Blouses and Skirtswomen's uniforms - 1918-1991
Number 5 The Developing Years
  (Web edition only, no printed version produced)
men's uniforms - 1932-1970

Proposed (but not funded)
Number 6 They Also Serveancillary uniforms - 1920-1991

Wolfrum (Bill) Joffee

Ranger Wolfrum "Bill" Joffee was the first ranger to enter the National Park Service from veterans discharged at the Naval Hospital in Yosemite National Park. After the War, uniformed National Park Service personnel were authorized to wear ribbons denoting any decorations they had earned during the War in any of the military services, until rescinded in the 1961 uniform regulations. This was interpreted rather loosely by some. Images show rangers wearing badges and medals, as well. Joffee is wearing his ribbons along with a 1936 ranger badge. NPSHPC-Ralph H. Anderson photo-HFC#91-7


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