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Breeches, Blouses, and Skirts




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National Park Service Uniforms
Breeches, Blouses, and Skirts 1918-1991
Number 4


Herma Albertson
Herma Albertson, 1929.
These two images show Albertson at Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park.
NPSHPC - YELL/8043-7 (left), NPSHPC - YELL/130,095 (right)

Marguerite Lindsley
Marguerite Lindsley, Yellowstone Park Ranger, feeding her pet antelope "Jimmie", 1926.
She married Ben Arnold in 1928.
NPSHPC - L.A. Nicholson photo - Yell/F.4016

June Hall and Polly Mead
Dinosaur tracks at Moenkopi: June [Hall - Ansel Hall's wife] and Polly Mead, 9-30-1930.
Polly is wearing her badge and a set of USNPS collar ornaments on a civilian vest.
NPSHPC - Ansel Frederick Hall photo - HFC/AFH#18

women's uniform
Women's uniform, c.Mid-1920s.
The coat is of the standard man's style, but cut on the woman's pattern. The skirt with the row of buttons down the front is especially interesting. The uniform is being modeled by Susan Marcus.
Courtesy of the Andrew Beck Collection - Photo by Andy Beck

Clara J. Lausten
Clara J. "Ann" Lausten, typist, Pinnacles National Monument, 1942.
Lausten purchased some forest green wool and had a friends mother make her 2 skirts. Those skirts, along with gray men's shirts and an over seas cap were her uniform for the 3 years she worked at Pinnacles. She has USNPS collar ornaments on her collar and the pin on her cap is one that showed she had a member of her family (husband) in the armed forces. It was white with a red border and blue star in the center.

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