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Ironing Out the Wrinkles




Appendix A

National Park Service Uniforms
Ironing Out the Wrinkles 1920-1932
Number 3


Albright and Oddie
Superintendent H. Albright and Senator Oddie at Park headquarters, Mammoth Hot Springs, 1924, Yellowstone National Park.
Senator Tasker Lowndes Oddie, from Nevada, visited the park early in the season and after listening to the orientation given the summer seasonals, became so enamoured with the park system, he importuned upon Albright to allow him to work as a seasonal, without pay, while the Senate was in recess. Against his better judgement, Albright agreed, even lending him one of his own uniforms. Much to his surprise, the Senator became a valuable ranger and one of the Service's staunchest supporters in Congress.

Charles F. Adair
Charles F. "Charlie" Adair 1925, ranger at Yosemite National Park.
Adair is out on patrol astride his horse Rusty.
NPSHPC Carl P. Russell Collection - HFC/86-239

H. Bowman
On ski patrol, c.1924 - H. Bowman.
Bowman was a ranger in Yellowstone National Park, and since there was only one uniform and warm clothing was essential out on patrol in the snow, he is wearing civilian ski clothing. He is carrying a rifle, as well.
NPSHPC Samuel T. Woodring photo - YELL/F 4241a

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