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National Park Service Uniforms
In Search of an Identity 1872-1920
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Appendix C

1920 — National Park Service Uniform Regulations

Regulations Governing the Use of the National Park Service Uniform by Officers and Rangers of the National Park Service

(1) The standard uniform for officers of the National Park Service shall consist of:

(a) Coat of forestry serge 12 to 14 oz.; four button sack; either open or English convertible collar; pinch back and half belt in back; two breast pockets, pleated; two side pockets, bellows; all outside pockets with flaps fastened with Service buttons.

(b) Riding breeches of same material; two side and two hip pockets and watch pocket; a double seat; with or without leather reinforcement inside knees; buttoned at knee opening.

(c) Leather puttees and shoes to match, tan or cordovan color, latter preferred, except on dress occasions, when leather puttees are prescribed. Either spiral puttees or tan riding boots may be worn as a part of uniform.

(d) Service hat — Stetson, either stiff or cardboard brim, "belly" color.

(e) Shirt — grey wool or white shirt and collar.

(f) Tie — dark green four-in-hand.

(g) Collar ornaments, sleeve insignia and service stripes as herein-after prescribed.

(h) Overcoat of forestry cloth 16 to 20 oz.; five button ulster type, double breasted, English convertible collar; diagonal side pockets, pinch back with half belt and back vented from waist.

(2) Officers in the field service of the National Parks to whom are referred in these regulations as authorized to wear the officers uniform of the service are those employees holding appointments under the following designations;

Assistant Superintendents
Assistant Engineers
Assistant Supervisors

and such other employees as the Director of the National Park Service may from time to time authorize.

(3) The standard uniform for Park Rangers shall be the same as prescribed for officers with the following exceptions:

(a) Coat and riding breeches to be made of forestry cloth 16 to 18 oz. instead of forestry serge.

(b) Overcoat of forestry cloth 16 to 20 oz., four button mackinaw type, English convertible collar, half belt in back.

(4) While temporary rangers are not required to equip themselves with the standard ranger uniform, its use by them is encouraged. In lieu of the standard uniform all temporary rangers, before reporting for duty, or as soon afterward as practicable, will provide themselves with the following prescribed temporary ranger uniform.

Riding breeches — Dux back
Puttees — leather, tan or cordovan color, preferably latter
Shoes — to match puttees
Shirt — grey wool
Tie — dark green four-in-hand
Hat — Stetson — either stiff or cardboardbrim, "belly" color.

Collar ornaments and sleeve insignia as prescribed under paragraphs 5 and 9.

(5) The collar ornament prescribed for all officers and rangers of the Service shall be the standard NPS service device containing the letters US, the various NPS

NPS service units to be differentiated as follows:

(a) All officers, device of gold,
(b) Chief Ranger, device of silver,
(c) Asst. Chief Rangers, device of silver,
(d) Park Rangers, device of silver,
(e) Park Rangers, Temporary, device of bronze.

(6) The sleeve insignia for the Director of the National Park Service shall consist of a single gold star surrounded by four maple leaves, the whole surrounded by a circular frame. The entire device to be embroidered on forestry serge, the star in gold, the leaves in dark green, and the circular frame in light green silk.

(7) The sleeve insignia for the Assistant Director of the National Park Service shall be the same as that prescribed for the Director except that the star shall be of silver color instead of gold.

(8) Oak leaves have been adopted as the basic insignia of the field service other than Rangers, for sleeve insignia. Upon all are superimposed devices designating the particular division of the field service to which the officer is attached. The various designations shall be as follows:

Superintendents — three leaves with three acorns superimposed
Asst. Supts. — two leaves with two acorns superimposed
Engineers — three leaves with T-square and triangle
Asst. Engineers — two leaves with T-square and triangle
Foresters — three leaves with crossed axes
Chief Electricians — three leaves with lightening bolt
Asst. Electricians — two leaves with lightening bolt
Clerks — two leaves with ink bottle and quill

(a) Officers' sleeve insignia shall be embroidered on forestry serge.

(9) The Sequoia cone and foliage have been adopted as the basic insignia for the Park Ranger Service for sleeve insignia, the differentiation in rank being indicated by the number of cones. The various designations shall be as follows:

Chief Ranger — three cones with foliage
Asst. Chief Rangers — two cones with foliage
Rangers — one cone with foliage
Temporary Rangers — foliage only

(a) Sleeve insignia of the Ranger Service shall be embroidered on forestry cloth.

(10) All Rangers shall be in uniform when on duty at park headquarters during the tourist season, when on official business justify">either inside or outside of the park, and on any other occasion as directed by the Superintendent of the park to which they are attached. In addition to this the use of the uniform is encouraged on all occasions where contact is had with the public either on or off duty where the nature of the duties being performed makes it practicable.

(11) Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Engineers, and Assistant Engineers shall wear the uniform at all times when on duty during the tourist season and shall be required to transact all business either inside or outside of the park in uniform except when on duty in the District of Columbia, or as may be otherwise directed by the Director of the National Park Service.

(12) Other officers of the field service will not for the present be required to supply themselves with or wear the uniform but its use by all above included is urged so far as practicable.

(13) Collar ornaments shall be worn in pairs, one device on either side of coat or shirt collar.

(14) Sleeve insignia shall be worn on the upper right arm of coat or shirt.

(15) A service stripe of black braid 1/8" wide by 2 inches long. shall be allowed for each completed year of service, and a silver embroidered star for each completed five years. Service insignia shall be worn on the cuff of the left hand sleeve of coat, overcoat or shirt.

(16) Collar ornaments and sleeve and service insignia will be furnished by the Service upon requisition of the various park superintendents.

(17) These regulations shall be made applicable to officers and employees at Hot Springs Reservation with such modifications as in the discretion of the Director of the National Park Service may be appropriate.

(18) The above regulations shall become effective on July 1, 1920, but all officers and rangers are urged to supply themselves with complete uniform equipment at the earliest possible date.

(sgd) Stephen T. Mather
Director, National Park Service

March 20, 1920


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