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In Search of an Identity




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National Park Service Uniforms
In Search of an Identity 1872-1920
Number 2


cover drawing


1. The first authorized uniform to be worn by rangers in the national park system. 1911. Drawing by author. NPSHC - HFC Y55

2. Mount Rainier National Park. NPSHPC - Ernest Braun photo - HFC/1978

3. Yosemite National Park. NPSHPC - Cecil W. Stoughton photo - HFC/72-193-32

4. "The Cloister", located in the Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park. NPSHPC - J.M. Kauffmann photo - HFC/57-24-3C

5. Minerva Terrace, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, 1987. NPSIPC - Thomas C. Gray photo - HFC/AV 977

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Publications in the
Number 1 Badges and Insignia1894-1991
Number 2 In Search of an Identitymen's uniforms - 1872-1920
Number 3 Ironing Out the Wrinklesmen's uniforms - 1920-1932
Number 4 Breeches, Blouses and Skirtswomen's uniforms - 1918-1991
Number 5 The Developing Years
  (Web edition only, no printed version produced)
men's uniforms - 1932-1970

Proposed (but not funded)
Number 6 They Also Serveancillary uniforms - 1920-1991

Harry S. Yount
Harry S. Yount, 1873.
Harry worked as "game keeper" at Yellowstone National Park 1880-1881. Photograph was taken by William Henry Holmes while both were employed on the Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden geological survey in 1873. Yount as guide and Holmes as illustrator. William Henry Jackson was the official photographer, but apparently Holmes also dabbled in this medium.
NPSHPC - William Henry Holmes photo - HFC/91-16


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