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BADGES: National Park Service Associated

National Park Ranger/Deputy Marshal

This badge is an Art-Deco version of the standard Federal style, but without a park affiliation. It is unplated brass with a stylized eagle on the top. Under the eagle is a ribbon bar with U.S. stamped in it. The badge consists of concentric circles with a horizontal Art-Deco bar containing seven bands about 3/5ths of the way down. The bands are alternately raised and depressed with the depressed portion stippled. In the center is a 6-pointed star with protected points like some of the older marshal badges. In the middle of the star are the words DEPUTY/U.S/MARSHAL in three lines. Next comes a quarter inch ring with narrow borders. The top band of the horizontal bar dissects this ring. Around the top, above the band is NATIONAL PARK and below it is RANGER. Around this is another narrower band with a raised outside border and stippled center. Five horizontal bands dissect this ring. At the bottom of the badge is a bar with the number 101. All lettering is black. Size 2-1/4" wide x 2-7/8" high.


National Park Ranger/Indian Reserve

This badge was undoubtably made to be used by a National Park Ranger on some Indian Reservation, but there is no way of telling where. It is made of German (nickel) silver with a thin circle incised around the inside, creating a 1/4 inch band on the outside. In this band, in 1/8 inch letters, are stamped the words U.S. PARK across the top and RANGER on the bottom with a star on either side just below the center line of the badge. In the center of the badge, in 3/4 inch numerals, is the number 79. Also in the center are the words DEPARTMENT/OF/THE/INTERIOR/INDIAN RESERVE in 3/32 inch letters. DEPARTMENT is at the top, curved to conform to the circle, while INTERIOR and INDIAN RESERVE are at the bottom. OF THE are in straight lines above INTERIOR at the bottom. Letters and numbers have a black fill. Size: 2" diameter, slightly convex.


National Park Service/Geological Survey

It's difficult to pen down exactly when this badge was issued since national park service appeared on badges prior to it becoming a bureau, but it shows evidence of being used. It may have been issued when the USGS was surveying some of the western parks. The USGS was never park of the National Park Service, so it may have been worn to give the wearer added authority while he performed his job. It is German silver. Size: 2" wide x 2-1/2" high.


National Park Service/Geological Survey

This badge is much later than the above example. While conforming to the mid-century style, the fact that it is numbered 1 makes it suspicious as to its authenticity. It may have been a pilot project that never developed since it is the only one found, but that is true of the others as well, although, except for the Indian Reserve, they appear to have been made for an individual. It is nickel-plated with an eagle with downswept wings resting on top of a shield. In the center of the shield is the Department of the Interior seal with two curved ribbons over top with NATIONAL PARK SERVICE on the top and GEOLOGICAL SURVEY beneath. Under the seal is another curved ribbon with DEPT. OF INTERIOR and the number 1 in a cartouche below. This bottom ribbon is also suspicious since the correct title for the Department is DEPARTMENT (or DEPT.) OF THE INTERIOR and is always written that way. Size: 2-1/4" wide x 2-15/16" high.


Yellowstone Chief Park Ranger/Deputy Marshal

This badge is made of unplated brass and consists of a series of concentric circles with the outside circle having a scroll-strap border. On top is an eagle with down-swept wings, very similar to that used on todays Federal badges. In the center of the badge is a buffalo, probably meant to represent the Interior Department, but more reminiscent of that used on the 1913-1938 buffalo nickel. Around the buffalo is a narrow white ring. The next ring contains a U on the left side and a S on the right, with DEPUTY on top and MARSHAL on the bottom. The following ring contains [star] RANGER [star] on top and YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK around the bottom. filling the ring. At the top of the outer ring is a bar containing CHIEF. The number bar at bottom is blank. The U and S are red, while all other letters are blue. Size: 1-27/32" wide x 2-17/32" high.

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