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Appendix 6

Expansion of the National Park Service in the 1930s:
Administrative History

Appendix 6
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Act Creating National Trust Fund Board

[S. 2074]


To create a National Park Trust Fund Board, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That a board is hereby created and established, to be known as the National Park Trust Fund Board (hereinafter referred to as the Board), which shall consist of the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of the Interior, the Director of the National Park Service, and two persons appointed by the President for a term of five years each (the first appointments being for three and five years, respectively). Three members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the Board shall have an official seal, which shall be judicially noticed. The Board may adopt rules and regulations in regard to its procedure and the conduct of its business.

No compensation shall be paid to the members of the Board for their services as such members, but they shall be reimbursed for the expenses necessarily incurred by them, out of the income from the fund or funds in connection with which such expenses are incurred.

SEC. 2. The Board is hereby authorized to accept, receive, hold, and administer such gifts or bequests of personal property for the benefit of, or in connection with, the National Park Service, its activities, or its service, as may be approved by the Board, but no such gift or bequest which entails any expenditure not to be met out of the gift, bequest or the income thereof shall be accepted without the consent of Congress.

The moneys or securities composing the trust funds given or bequeathed to the Board shall be receipted for by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall invest, reinvest, or retain investments as the Board may from time to time determine. The income, as and when collected, shall be covered into the Treasury of the United States in a trust fund account to be known as the "National Park Trust Fund" subject to disbursement by the Division of Disbursement, Treasury Department, for the purposes in each case specified: Provided however, That the Board is not authorized to engage in any business, nor shall the Secretary of the Treasury make any investment for account of the Board that may not lawfully be made by a trust company in the District of Columbia, except that the Secretary may make any investments directly authorized by the instrument of gift, and may retain any investments accepted by the Board.

SEC. 3. The Board shall have perpetual succession, with all the usual powers and obligations of a trustee, including the power to sell, except as herein limited, in respect of all property, moneys, or securities which shall be conveyed, transferred, assigned, bequeathed, delivered or paid over to it for the purposes above specified. The Board may be sued in the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, which is hereby given jurisdiction of such suits, for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of any trust accepted by it.

SEC. 4. Nothing in this Act shall be construed as prohibiting or restricting the Secretary of the Interior from accepting, in the name of the United States, gifts or bequests of money for immediate disbursement or other property in the interest of the National Park Service, its activities, or its service, as heretofore authorized by law.

SEC. 5. Gifts or bequests to or for the benefit of the National Park Service, including those to the Board, and the income therefrom, shall be exempt from all Federal taxes.

SEC. 6. The Board shall submit to the Congress an annual report of the moneys or securities received and held by it and of its operations.

Approved, July 10, 1935.

49 Stat. 477


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