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Appendix 4

Expansion of the National Park Service in the 1930s:
Administrative History

Appendix 4
National Park Service Arrowhead

A Partial Listing of State Parks in Which the National Park Service Supervised Preservation Activities Through the ECW Program in the 1930s

Big Bend State Park, Texas
Columbis-Belmont State Park, Kentucky
Custer State Park, South Dakota
De Mores State Park, North Dakota
Fort Churchill State Park, Nevada
Fort Clinch State Park, Florida
Fort Frederick State Park, Maryland
Fort Griffin State Park, Texas
Fort Lincoln State Park, North Dakota
Fort Lowell State Park, Arizona
Fort Macon State Park, North Carolina
Fort Morgan State Park, Alabama
Fort Parker State Park, Texas
Fort Ridgeley State Park, Minnesota
Fort Sisseton State Park, South Dakota
Gollad State Park, Texas
Illinois-Michigan Canal State Park, Illinois
La Purisima Mission State Park, California
Lincoln Log Cabin State Park, Illinois
Longfellow-Evangeline State Park, Louisiana
Mackinac Island State Park, Michigan
Mound State Park, Alabama
New Salem State Park, Illinois
Pere Marquette State Park, Illinois
San Juan Bautista State Historical Monument, California
Shelby Negro State Park, Tennessee
Spring Mill State Park, Indiana
University Ruin, Tucson, Arizona

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