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Expansion of the National Park Service in the 1930s:
Administrative History

Chapter Four: New Initiatives in the Field of Recreation and Recreational Area Development
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G. Postscript to the Park, Parkway, and Recreational-Area Study

Interrupted by World War II, the recreation study and related activities were resumed by the National Park Service with the inception in 1956 of the Mission 66 program under the direction of Conrad L. Wirth who had assumed the bureau directorship on December 9, 1951 . The pressures for open spaces, parks, and recreation areas, as well as for the preservation of wilderness areas, became so great that the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Act was passed in 1958, establishing the National Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission. The concept and purpose of this commission was similar to that of the Park, Parkway and Recreational-Area Study, and it published a comprehensive report in 1964, entitled Parks for America: A Survey of Park and Related Resources in the Fifty States and a Preliminary Plan. Two of its principal recommendations were the establishment of a Bureau of Outdoor Recreation as a separate bureau in the Department of the Interior to allot funding for planning, land purchase, and development of state and local park systems and passage of a Land and Water Act, to provide funding for land acquisition and park development at the federal, state, and local park system levels. [48]

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Initiation of Four New Types of Recreation Areas in National Park System


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