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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Under Secretaries of the Interior
National Park Service Arrowhead

Since the National Park Service was created on August 25, 1916

      Name Period of Service
Charles West8/05/1935-5/10/1938
Harry Slattery 6/04/1938-9/25/1939
Alvin J. Wirtz 1/02/1940-7/01/1941
John J. Dempsey 7/08/1941-6/24/1942
Abe Fortas 6/25/1942-1/15/1946
Oscar L. Chapman 3/27/1946-12/01/1949
Richard D. Searles 4/30/1951-8/31/1952
Vernon D. Northrop 9/01/1952-3/30/1953
Ralph A. Tudor 3/31/1953-8/31/1954
Clarence A. Davis 9/01/1954-1/04/1957
Hatfield Chilson 3/18/1957-9/20/1958
Elmer F. Bennett 9/21/1958-1/20/1961
James K. Carr 1/30/1961-7/15/1964
John A. Carver, Jr. 12/30/1964-9/12/1966
Charles F. Luce 9/13/1966-7/25/1967
David S. Black 7/20/1967-1/19/1969
Russell E. Train 2/07/1969-2/09/1970
Fred J. Russell 4/09/1970-2/27/1971
William T. Pecora 5/1905/71-7/19/1972
John C. Whitaker 1/22/1973-5/01/1975
Kent Frizzell 11/24/1975-1/01/1977
James Joseph 3/14/1977-1/19/1981
Donald Paul Hodel 2/09/1981-11/05/1982
J.J. Simmons III 3/01/1983-2/22/1984
Ann Dore McLaughlin 2/22/1984-2/29/1987
Earl E. Gjelde 12/14/1987-5/03/1989
Frank A. Bracken 1 6/30/1989-

1 Effective 11/18/1990, the title of this position was changed from Under Secretary of the Interior to Deputy Secretary of the Interior.


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