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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Field and District Offices
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Atlanta Field Office, Georgia
(Authorized 6/12/1969 -- Closed 1/08/1972)

      Name Period of Service
George W. Fry, Spec. Field Asst. to Reg. Dir., Southeast Reg.7/13/1969-1/10/1970
Sam P. Weems, Asst. to Dir., Southeast Reg.10/18/1970-1/08/1972

Chicago Field Office, Des Plaines, Illinois
(Established 5/30/1971 -- Closed 12/31/1977)

      Name Period of Service
Robert S. Chandler, Asst. to Dir., NER/MWR5/30/1971-3/31/1975
Sherman W. Perry, Asst. to Dir., MWR10/26/1975-12/31/1977

Denver Field Office, Colorado
(Established 10/17/1966 -- Closed 1/05/1974)

      Name Period of Service
Adm. by Supt., Rocky Mountain NP10/17/1966-9/18/1969
Adm. by Supt., Rocky Mountain NP Service Group9/18/1969-6/27/1970
Richard A. Strait, Asst. to Dir., MWR6/28/1970-1/22/1972
Richard A. Strait, Act'g Colo. State Dir.1/23/1972-4/29/1972
Jimmie L. Dunning, Colo. State Dir.4/30/1972-11/10/1973
Richard A. Strait, Act'g Colo. State Dir.11/11/1973-1/05/1974

Fort Worth Field Office, Texas
(Established 9/03/1972 -- Closed 3/02/1982)

      Name Period of Service
Charles K. Boatner, Texas State Director9/03/1972-2/01/1975
Charles K. Boatner, Field Asst. to the Reg. Dir.2/02/1975-3/02/1982

Great Lakes Area Field Office, E. Lansing, Michigan
(Established 6/18/1967 -- Closed 11/01/1970)

      Name Period of Service
Allen T. Edmunds, Assoc. Reg. Dir., NER16/18/1967-2/23/1969
Bruce J. Miller, Asst. to Reg. Dir., NER2/23/1969-6/13/1970
James R. Whitehouse, Asst. to Dir., NER26/14/1970-10/31/1970

1 On 2/23/1969 title changed to Asst. to Reg. Dir., Great Lakes Area Field Office.
2 Great Lakes Area Field Office closed permanently on 12/31/1970.

Los Angeles Field Office, California
(Established 6/1966 -- Closed 1979)

      Name Period of Service
Adm. by Supt., Sequoia-Kings Canyon NPs6/--/1966-5/15/1967
Adm. by Supt., Channel Islands NM5/16/1967-8/02/1975
Adm. by Reg. Dir., Western Regional Office8/03/1975-12/30/1978
Adm. by Supt.,,Santa Monica Mountains NRA12/31/1978-1979

New England Field Office, Boston, Massachusetts
(Established 1/26/1969, Closed 1/06/1974)

      Name Period of Service
Edwin W. Small, Asst. to Reg. Dir., NER 11/26/1969-7/31/1970
Edwin W. Small, Asst. to Dir., NER8/01/1970-?
Albert J. Benjamin, Chief New England FO5/14/1972-1/06/1974

1 Mr. Small retired 7/31/1970 and was immediately reappointed as a reemployed annuitant.

New York District Office, New York City, New York1
(Established 12/26/1971, Closed 1/06/1974)

      Name Period of Service
Jerry D. Wagers, Dir.12/26/1971-1/05/1974

1 Replaces Fire Island NS and New York City NPS Group established 2/12/1967. Also, includes Fort Stanwix NM, Saint Gaudens, Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Vanderbilt Mansion, and Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS's, Saratoga NHP and Morristown NHP -- Edison NHS group.

Northwest District Office, Seattle, Washington1
(Established 12/15/1968 -- Abolished 12/30/1969 when Northwest Region Established)

      Name Period of Service
John A. Rutter, Dist. Dir.12/15/1968-12/30/1969

1 Dist. covered Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Lava Beds NM in California.

Portland District Office, Oregon1
(Activated 11/1946, Closed 1/30/1976)

      Name Period of Service
George W. Alcott, Chief11/04/1946-7/01/1948
Neal A. Butterfield, Act'g. Chief7/01/1948-3/18/1950
Neal A. Butterfield, Chief3/18/1950-6/13/1960
Mark J. Pike, Act'g. Chief6/13/1960-8/06/1960
Daniel F. Burroughs, Chief8/06/1960-9/01/1972
Edwin L. Arnold, LA & Planner, Act'g.29/02/1972-1/30/1976

1 Other titles to Office: Columbia River Basin Recreation Survey Branch, 11/1946 to 7/1962; Division of Resource Planning, Portland, 7/1962 to 2/1964; Office of Cooperative Activities (Portland), 2/1964 to 3/1966; and Portland Field Office, 3/1966. The Field Office is a part of Cooperative Activities, Pacific Northwest Regional Office.
2 The Portland Office was officially closed on 1/30/1976, but Mr. Arnold was appointed as a reemployed annuitant (Landcape Architect), 2/29/1976, duty station Portland, Oregon, immediate office of the Associate Regional Director, Cooperative Activities, PNWRO. Mr. Arnold served intermittently until 2/28/1980.

Salt Lake City District Office, Utah
(Established 2/19/1967 -- Closed 9/30/1986)

      Name Period of Service
Administered by Supt., Canyonlands NP2/19/1967-7/08/1972
Phillip R. Iverson, Utah State Director7/09/1972-2/15/1974
James R. Isenogle, Asst. to the Reg. Dir., Utah2/16/1974-1/15/1979
Benjamin J. Zerbey, Asst. to the Reg. Dir., Utah6/03/1979-1/17/1981
Donald F. Gillespie, Asst. to the Reg. Dir., Utah/Utah State Director8/09/1981-9/30/1986

Spokane Field Office, Washington
(Established 12/01/1969 -- Closed 1/31/1982)

      Name Period of Service
Administered by Supt., Coulee Dam NRA12/01/1969-1/31/1982

Virginia State Office, Richmond, Virginia1
(Established 12/01/1971)

      Name Period of Service
Charles S. Marshall, Dir./Asst. to Dir., VA12/01/1971-3/31/1973
Charles E. Shedd Jr., Asst. to Dir., VA4/01/1973-5/28/1976
Joseph P. Cullen, Asst. to Dir., VA5/29/1976-7/29/1977

1 Supervises the following: Shenandoah NP, Booker T. Washington and George Washington Birthplace NMS, Appomattox and Colonial NHPs, Manassas and Richmond NBPs, Fredricksburg NMP, Petersburg NB and Poplar Grove NC.

Western Field Offices

      Name Period of Service
George E. Goodwin, Chief Engineer13/01/1921-7/07/1925
Bert H. Burrell, Act'g. Chief Engineer7/07/1925-9/30/1927
Frank A. Kittredge, Chief Engineer210/01/1927-7/31/1937
Landscape Architects and Architects3
Thomas C. Vint, Asst. Landscape Engineer410/01/1923-2/28/1926
Thomas C. Vint, Associate Landscape Engineer3/01/1926-7/31/1927
Thomas C. Vint, Landscape Engineer8/01/1927-4/15/1928
Thomas C. Vint, Landscape Architect4/16/1928-5/31/1931
Thomas C. Vint, Chief Landscape Architect6/01/1931-4/30/1938
Thomas C. Vint, Chief Architect, Branch of Plans and Design5/01/1938-7/31/1938
Thomas C. Vint, Chief of Planning, Branch of Plans and Design8/01/1938-4/23/1943
Thomas C. Vint, Chief Landscape Architect4/24/1943-10/16/1946
Thomas C. Vint, Chief of Development10/17/1946-2/08/1950
Thomas C. Vint, Chief of Planning and Construction2/09/1950-1/17/1952
Thomas C. Vint, Chief of Design and Construction1/18/1952-10/10/1961
Thomas C. Vint, Asst. Director, Design & Constr.10/11/1961-11/09/1961
Educational Division5
Ansel F. Hall, Chief Naturalist6/01/1925-6/30/1927
Educational Division - Forestry Division6
Ansel F. Hall, Chief Naturalist & Chief Forester7/01/1927-10/05/1930
John D. Coffman, Fire Control Expert7/16/1928-11/06/1933

1Mr. Goodwin's office located in Portland, OR. Mr. Goodwin retired 7/19/1925. Portland Office closed in spring of 1926. Acting Chief Engineer and a few employees moved to Yellowstone National Park.

2Mr. Kittredge appointed Chief Engineer in summer of 1927 and established the Branch of Engineering in San Francisco in September 1927. The office was closed in August 1937 when the Branch of Engineering was transferred to the Washington Office and many of the staff were transferred to the newly established four regional offices.

3Landscape Division reorganized as the Branch of Plans & Design in 1933. Office in San Francisco closed in 1937 when Mr. Vint and his central office staff transferred to the Director's Office in Washington and most of the landscape architects and architects were transferred to the then newly established four regional offices. All associated WASO design functions transerred to Chicago on 9/1/1942, and returned to Washington D.C., on 11/17/1946. Mr. Vint retired 11/09/1961, but later served as a collaborator from 1/02/1962 to 6/30/1962. He served intermittently as as reemployed annuitant in the WODC until 7/03/1965.

4Mr. Vint entered the Service in 1922 with headquarters at Yosemite NP. His office moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 1923 when the Landscape Division was established. The Division moved to San Francisco, CA, in 1927.

5Educational Division established July 1, 1925, with headquarters at Berkeley, California.

6Forestry Division created in 1927 as a part of Education Division with Ansel Hall being assigned the additional title of Chief Forester. John D. Coffman employed in July 1928 as Fire Control Expert. Educational Division abolished July 1, 1930, with the establishment of the Branch of Research and Education in the Washington Office. Mr. Coffman retained his office in Berkeley until his transfer to the Washington Office in March 1933.


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