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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Archaeological Centers
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Arizona Archaeological Center, Tucson, Arizona1
(Established 7/01/1971)

      Name Period of Service
Richard G. Vivian, Chief6/17/1958-4/29/1966
Chester A. Thomas, Chief27/03/1966-1/31/1970
Rex L. Wilson, Act'g. Chief2/01/1970-7/10/1971
Douglas H. Scovill, Chief7/11/1971-6/02/1974
Carol A. Martin, Chief38/18/1974-6/30/1975

1 Formerly Southwest Archaeological Center located at Globe, Arizona 6/17/1958 to 1/23/1972.
2 Mr. Thomas retired 10/31/1969 and was reemployed to 1/31/1970.
3 Arizona Archaeological Center organizationally identified as Western Archaeological Center on 7/1/1975.

Western Archaeological Center & Conservation Center, Tucson, Arizona1

      Name Period of Service
Carol A. Martin, Site Manager7/01/1975-

1 Arizona Archaeological Center organizationally identified as Western Archaeological Center on 7/1/1975.

Midwest Archaeological Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
(Established 7/01/1969)

      Name Period of Service
Dr. Wilfred D. Logan, Chief7/01/1969-12/09/1972
Carl R. Falk, Chief12/10/1972-5/10/1975
Frances A. Calabrese Jr., Chief5/11/1975-

New Mexico Archaeological Center, Albuquerque, Nex Mexico1
(Established 4/04/1971)

      Name Period of Service
Robert H. Lister, Chief 4/04/1971-5/20/1978

1 Name changed to Chaco Center on 7/18/1973, administratively closed with the establishment of the SW Cultural Resources Center 2/28/1977. Chief Lister operated from both locations until his retirement on 5/20/1978)

Units of Remote Sensing and Cultural Resources established within Chaco Center on 10/14/1976.

Southwest Cultural Resources Center, Santa Fe, Nex Mexico
(Established 2/28/1977)

      Name Period of Service
Robert H. Lister, Chief, (Santa Fe)2/28/1977-5/20/1978
Calvin R. Cummings, Act'g Chief5/21/1978-9/16/1978
Richard W. Sellars, Act'g Chief9/17/1978-3/24/1979
Ronald J. Ice, Act'g Chief3/25/1979-8/11/1979

Albuquerque Location
Richard W. Sellars, Chief8/12/1979-
Thomas R. Lyons, Chief, Division of Remote Sensing2/28/1977-1/23/1982
Dwight L. Drager, Chief, Branch of Remote Sensing9/18/1983-9/28/1985
Arthur K. Ireland, Act'g. Chief, Branch of Remote Sensing9/29/1985-6/01/1986

Southeast Cultural Resources Preservation Center, Atlantia, Georgia
(Established 6/15/1984)

      Name Period of Service
William A. Harris, Chief6/15/1984-5/23/1987
Billy G. Garrett, Chief 18/02/1987
James Judge, Chief, Division of Chaco Research *2/28/1977-4/01/1985
Larry V. Nordby, Acting Chief, Division of Cultural Research4/02/1985-3/01/1986
Larry V. Nordby, Chief, Division of Cultural Research3/02/1986-6/01/1986

1 The center was reorganized on and became part of those divisional entities within the Southeast Regional Office under the Deputy Assoc. Reg. Dir., Cultural Resources.

* (name changed to Division of Cultural Research)

Southeast Archaeological Center, Ocmulgee, Georgia

      Name Period of Service
John W. Griffin, Chief6/01/1967-6/25/1971
Richard D. Faust, Act'g. Chief6/28/1971-6/23/1973
Richard D. Faust, Chief6/24/1973


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