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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Training Centers
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Horace M. Albright Training Center, Grand Canyon, Arizona

      Name Period of Service
Frank F. Kowski, Supervisor9/29/1962-3/12/1966
Wayne B. Cone, Supervisor3/13/1966-2/07/1970
Lemuel A. Garrison, Dir.7/12/1970-1/06/1973
Lawrence J. Zollar, Dir.1/07/1973-3/24/1973
Quincy B. Evison, Dir.3/25/1973-6/07/1975
James W. Coleman, Jr., Dir.7/06/1975-5/07/1977
Gene V. Daugherty, Dir.8/14/1977-10/28/1979
David O. Karraker, Dir.6/29/1980-

Horace M. Albright Training Center, Yosemite, California1

      Name Period of Service
Frank F. Kowski, Supervisor7/13/1957-9/28/1962

1 Center transferred to Grand Canyon NP, Arizona, 9/29/1962.

Stephen T. Mather Training Center, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

      Name Period of Service
Russell K. Grater, Supervisor10/14/1962-8/28/1965
Robert N. McIntyre, Supervisor8/29/1965-1/29/1967
Raymond L. Nelson, Supervisor 17/30/1967-12/11/1970
Tom D. Thomas, Dir.4/04/1971-7/04/1974
David O. Karraker, Dir.9/01/1974-6/28/1980
Charles J. Gebler, Dir.8/28/1980-2/06/1983
John W. Wade, Dir.12/09/1984-3/26/1988
Martha B. Aikens, Dir.8/28/1988-

1Training Center added to Harpers Ferry complex on 10/22/1969. On 10/23/1970, the Harpers Ferry responsibility limited to administrative support services.

Washington DC Training Center1

      Name Period of Service
Robert L. Nunn, Director7/11/1971-2/20/1972

1Center established 7/11/1971, administratively closed 2/20/1972.


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