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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Museum Laboratories
National Park Service Arrowhead

Eastern Museum Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 1

      Name Period of Service
Ned J. Burns, Chief, Branch of Museums5/--/1939-10/12/1953
Ralph H. Lewis, Chief, Branch of Museums4/16/1954-7/04/1964
Russell J. Hendrickson, Chief Division of Museums 27/04/1964-1/10/1970

1 Supervised all museum laboratory programs.
2 Division of Museums responsibility transferred to Harpers Ferry Center 1/11/1970.

Western Museum Laboratory, San Francisco, California

      Name Period of Service
John W. Jenkins, Chief10/22/1956-9/20/1964
Floyd A. Lafayette, Act'g. Chief9/20/1964-6/04/1966
Floyd A. Lafayette, Chief6/05/1966-5/19/1967
Dick T. Morishige, Act'g. Chief15/20/1967-5/18/1968

1 Laboratory closed 5/18/1968 and transferred to Eastern Museum Laboratory.


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