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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Service Centers
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Eastern Service Center, Washington, D.C. 1
(Established October 22, 1969 -- Abolished November 14, 1971)

      Name Period of Service
William M. Haussman, Chief, Office of Design & Construction, National Capital Region1/02/1962-5/11/1963
Robert W. Andrews, Chief, Office of Design & Construction, National Capital Region25/26/1963-3/14/1966
Johannes E.N. Jensen, Asst. Dir. Design & Construction1/22/1964-10/07/1967
Charles E. Krueger, Dep. Asst. Dir. Design & Construction1/30/1966-10/07/1967
Charles E. Kreuger, Asst. Dir. Design & Construction10/08/1967-5/03/1969
William S. Rosenberg, Dep. Asst. Dir. Design & Construction1/14/1968-10/22/1969
Edward S. Peetz, Chief, Office of Resource Planning3/13/1966-10/22/1969
Clifford Harriman, Chief, Office of Land & Water Rights2/13/1966-3/26/1967
Richard L. Stanton, Chief, Office of Land & Water Rights7/16/1967-10/21/1969
Robert S. Leding, Chief, Office of Concessions Management6/19/1966-5/31/1969
John H. Spurgeon, Chief, Office of Concessions Management6/15/1969-10/22/1969
Lawrence J. Zollar, Dir. 312/17/1969-7/25/1970
LeRoy R. Brown, Dir.8/23/1970-11/14/1971
Harvey B. Reynolds, Chief, Office of Program Management11/30/1969-11/14/1971
John W. Bright, Chief, Office of Environmental Planning & Design10/22/1969-11/14/1971
Robert J. Shelley, Chief, Office of Construction Supervision & Maintenance10/22/1969-11/14/1971
Alfred P. Schwarz, Chief, Office of Administrative Service10/22/1969-9/01/1971
Thomas N. Crellin, Chief, Office of History & Historic Architecture2/08/1970-6/01/1971
Richard L. Stanton, Chief, Office of Land Acquisiton & Water Resources10/22/1969-8/01/1971
William S. Rosenberg, Chief, Office of Advanced Technology7/01/1970-11/15/1971

1 Established as the Washington Planning and Service Center 3/15/1966 serving the three Eastern Regions.

2 On 3/15/1966 the National Capital Region Design and Construction Office consolidated with the Washington Office of Design and Construction to form a unit of the Washington Planning and Service Center.

3 On 10/22/1969 Center renamed Eastern Service Center and reorganized as to responsibility and staff.

Philadelphia Planning & Service Center, Pennsylvania 1
(Established June 1, 1954 -- Abolished September 7, 1969)

      Name Period of Service
Edward S. Zimmer, Chief, Office of Design & Construction7/01/1954-3/30/1961
Robert G. Hall, Chief, Office of Design & Construction6/19/1961-4/09/1966
H. Reese Smith, Chief, Office of Design & Construction4/09/1966-9/06/1969
Allen T. Edmunds, Chief, Office of Resource Planning3/13/1966-6/18/1967
John L. Cotter, Chief, Office of Archeology & Historic Preservation3/12/1967-9/06/1969

1 Established as Field Office of Design and Construction on 6/01/1954. Converted to Planning & Service Center March 1966. Center closed with responsibility transferred to Washington Planning & Service Center 9/07/1969.

Western Service Center, California 1
(Established Otober 22, 1969 -- Abolished November 15, 1971)

      Name Period of Service
Sanford Hill, Chief, Office of Design & Construction7/01/1954-12/30/1965
William L. Bowen, Chief, Office of Design & Construction1/30/1966-12/14/1968
Glenn O. Hendrix, Chief, Office of Design & Construction12/15/1968-11/29/1969
R. Merrick Smith, Chief, Office of Resource Planning3/13/1966-1/14/1967
Glen T. Bean, Chief Office of Resource Planning1/29/1967-7/16/1967
Robert S. Luntey, Chief, Office of Resource Planning12/17/1967-11/29/1969
Thomas Kornelis, Chief, Office of Land & Water Rights2/13/1966-11/03/1968
John E. Ritchie, Chief, Office of Land & Water Rights11/17/1968-11/29/1969
Andrew C. Wolfe, Chief, Office of Concessions Management6/18/1967-5/31/1969
Robert S. Leding, Chief Office of Concessions Management6/01/1969-11/29/1969
Paul J. Schumacher, Chief Office of Archeology & Historic Preservation7/02/1967-11/29/1969
William L. Bowen, Dir. 21/11/1970-6/12/1971
Glenn O. Hendrix, Dir.6/13/1971-11/14/1971
Robert S. Luntey,Chief, Office of Program Management11/30/1969-11/14/1971
Glenn O. Hendrix, Chief, Office of Environmental Planning & Design11/30/1969-6/12/1971
Raymond O. Mulvany, Act'g Chief, Office of Administrative Service12/01/1969-3/31/1970
Harold P. Danz, Act'g. Chief, Office of Administrative Service4/01/1970-6/13/1970
Gustav W. Muehlenhaupt, Chief, Office of Administrative Service6/14/1970-11/14/1971
Merrill J. Mattes, Chief, Office of History & Historic Architecture11/30/1969-11/14/1971
John E. Ritchie, Chief, Office of Land Acquisition & Water Resources11/30/1969-11/14/1971
Allen D. Heubner, Chief, Office of Construction Supervision & Maintenance11/30/1969-11/14/1971

1 First established as Field Office of Design & Construction in San Francisco, CA, on 7/01/1954. Area covered by the Office of D&C included that part of the United States lying within the three western regions except the States of Minnesota, Iowa & Missouri, within the Midwest Region. In 2/66, the Center was designated as the San Francisco Planning & Service Center with expanded interest and responsibility. On 7/01/1968, the Center's coverage was adjusted to include all of the four western regions.

2 On 10/22/1969 the Center renamed Western Service Center and reorganized as to responsibility and staff.

Denver Service Center, Colorado 1

      Name Period of Service
Johannes E.N Jensen, Asst. Dir. Service Center Operations11/15/1971-7/22/1973
*Harold P. Danz, Asst. Dir. (Financial & Management Control)11/15/1971-1/05/1974
Lewis D. Farr, Asst. Dir. (Organization & Manpower)11/15/1971-11/25/1972
*Robert S. Luntey, Asst. Dir. (Programs & Budget)11/15/1971-1/05/1974
Charles F. Riebe, Chief, A/E Consultant & Contracting11/15/1971-5/28/1972
Glenn O. Hendrix, Dir., Denver Service Center11/15/1971-3/07/1975
John W. Henneberger, Manager, Denver Service Center3/10/1974-9/23/1978
Denis P. Galvin, Manager10/08/1978-10/05/1985
Frank D. Jones, Acting Manager10/06/1985-10/12/1985
Gerald D. Patten, Manager10/13/1985-11/21/1987
Robert J. Shelley, Acting Manager11/22/1987-9/24/1988
John J. Reynolds, Manager9/25/1988-7/31/1989
John J. Reynolds, Asst. Dir. Design & Constr.8/01/1989-

Donald F. Benson, Assoc. Dir., Denver Service Center11/15/1971-1/05/1974
Donald F. Benson, Assoc. Manager (Professional Support)1/06/1974-7/19/1975
David G. Wright, Assoc. Manager (Production)11/25/1973-7/19/1975
David G. Wright, Assoc. Manager Denver Service Center7/20/1975-3/27/1976
Donald L. Bressler, Deputy Assoc. Manager7/20/1975-12/04/1976
Donald L. Bressler, Assoc. Manager12/05/1976-1/13/1979
Robert L. Steenhagen, Assoc. Manager3/11/1979-1/12/1980
Frank D. Jones, Assoc. Manager4/17/1982-12/30/1985
Robert J. Shelley, Assoc. Manager12/31/1985-7/31/1989
Robert J. Shelley, Dep. Asst. Dir., DSC Oper.8/01/1989-

Allen D. Heubner, Chief, Construction Services11/15/1971-7/19/1975

Edgar W. Blair, Chief, Survey Services 11/15/1971-7/19/1975

Robert L. Walton, Chief, Personnel Management 1/07/1973-6/22/1975

Henry E. Drews, Chief, Graphic Systems11/15/1971-

Robert S. Luntey, Chief, Administrative Services1/06/1974-8/09/1974
Donald L. Bressler, Chief, Administrative Services8/10/1974-7/19/1975

Richard D. Falb, Chief, Program Control7/20/1975-

Lennon W. Hooper, Chief, DSC Training4/27/1986-

Donald L. Bressler, Chief, Planning & Design Services11/15/1971-11/25/1972
Howard J. Haiges, Chief, Planning & Design Services11/26/1972-1/05/1974
Howard J. Haiges, Chief, Design Services1/06/1974-7/19/1975

John J. Reynolds, Chief, Planning Services1/20/1974-7/19/1975

Howard J. Haiges, Chief, Professional Support7/20/1975-1/27/1979
Donald F. Benson, Chief, Professional Support1/28/1979-1/12/1980
Howard J. Haiges, Chief, Professional Support2/10/1980-4/08/1990
Terry R. Carlstrom, Chief, Professional Support

Howard J. Haiges, Chief, Value Engineering and Technical Support Division4/09/1990-

Gerald D. Patten, Chief, Special Programs3/26/1978-10/07/1978
Kenneth L. Raithel Jr., Chief, Special Programs10/08/1978-1/27/1979
Howard J. Haiges, Chief, Special Programs1/28/1979-2/09/1980

Leon R. Thygesen, Chief, Contract Administration2/22/1972-3/11/1978
Ray T. Lee, Chief, Contract Administration9/10/1978-4/04/1980
Robert W. Laubenheim, Chief, Contract Administration9/07/1980-

Richard B. Bowser, Act. Chief, Research & Consultive Services11/15/1971-6/10/1972
Gerald D. Patten, Chief, Research & Consultive Services6/11/1972-11/25/1973

John W. Bright, Chief, Quaility Control & EIS Coordination1/06/1974-7/19/1975
Donald F. Benson, Chief, Quality Control & EIS Coordination7/20/1975-1/27/1979

Glennie M. Wall, Chief, Legislative Compliance9/09/1979-12/25/1983

Merrill J. Mattes, Chief, Historic Preservation11/15/1971-12/31/1974
John F. Luzader, Chief, Historic Preservation 7/19/1975-3/20/1978

Kenneth R. Rueff, Chief, Safety Division5/08/1977-

Donald A. Purse, Team Manager Midwest Region11/15/1971-7/19/1975
Donald A. Purse, Asst. Manager Midwest/Rocky Mountain Regions7/20/1975-1/12/1980
Robert J. Shelley, Asst. Manager Midwest/Rocky Mountain Regions1/27/1980-1/05/1985
John W. Bright, Asst. Manager Midwest/Rocky Mountain Regions1/06/1985-10/12/1985
John W. Bright, Asst. Manager, Central Team10/13/1985-7/31/1989
John W. Bright, Manager, Central Team8/01/1989-12/30/1989
John C. Ballard, Act'g Mgr., Central Team12/31/1989-1/27/1990
Kenneth L. Raithel Jr., Manager, Central Team1/28/1990-

Arthur H. Beyer, Team Manager Southeast Region11/15/1971-7/19/1975

Robert S. Budz, Team Manager Southwest Region11/15/1971-7/19/1975
John W. Bright, Asst. Manager Southeast/Southwest Regions7/20/1975-1/05/1985
Robert S. Budz, Act. Asst. Manager Southeast/Southwest Regions1/06/1985-10/12/1985

Kenneth H. Goslin, Team Manager Pacific Northwest Region11/15/1971-7/19/1975
Kenneth L. Raithel Jr., Team Manager Western Region11/15/1971-7/19/1975
Allen D. Heubner, Asst. Manager Pacific Northwest/Western Regions7/20/1975-10/30/1978
Kenneth L. Raithel Jr., Asst. Manager Alaska/Pacific Northwest/Western Regions 21/28/1979-1/05/1985
Robert J. Shelley, Asst. Manager Alaska/Pacific Northwest/Western Regions1/06/1985-10/12/1985
Robert J. Shelley, Asst. Manager, Western Team10/13/1985-1/04/1986
Caleb G. Cooper, Act'g Asst. Manager Western Team1/05/1986-8/16/1986
Caleb G. Cooper, Asst. Manager, Western Team8/17/1986-7/31/1989
Caleb G. Cooper, Manager, Western Team8/01/1989-

Robert L. Steenhagen, Team Manager Northeast Region11/15/1971-7/19/1975
Robert L. Steenhagen, Asst. Manager Mid-Atlantic/North Atlantic Regions7/20/1975-3/10/1979
Gerald D. Patten, Asst. Manager Mid-Atlantic/North Atlantic Regions6/30/1979-9/30/1983
Edward S. Peetz, Team Manager National Capital Parks11/15/1971-7/05/1975
Elwood E. Rensch, Asst. Manager National Capital Region1/18/1976-1/13/1979
Richard G. Huber, Asst. Manager National Capital Region11/04/1979-10/01/1983
Gerald D. Patten, Asst. Manager Mid-Atlantic/North Atlantic/National Capital Regions10/01/1983-10/12/1985

Kenneth L. Raithel Jr., Asst. Manager Eastern Team10/13/1985-4/25/1987
Donald A. Falvey, Asst. Manager, Eastern Team10/26/1987-7/31/1989
Donald A. Falvey, Manager, Eastern Team8/01/1989-

1 Center established 11/15/1971 by combining the Eastern and Western Service Centers.

2 Alaska was not established as a Region until 12/02/1980, from 8/17/1970 to 12/01/1980, Alaska was administered by the Pacific NW Regional Office.

*These positions went under the Denver Service Center Director in July 1973.

Harpers Ferry Center, Virginia 1
(Authorized October 22, 1969)

      Name Period of Service
William C. Everhart, Director 21/11/1970-8/30/1973
William C. Everhart, Manager8/31/1973-10/02/1973
Marc Sagan, Acting Manager10/03/1973-3/16/1974
Marc Sagan, Manager3/17/1974-6/03/1986
Ellsworth R. Swift, Act'g Mgr.6/04/1986-8/17/1986
David G. Wright, Manager8/17/1986-

Douglas H. Hubbard, Asst. Dir.1/11/1970-1/10/1971
Ellsworth R. Swift, Deputy Mgr.11/24/1974-7/03/1989

Ralph T. Roan, Chief, Division of Administration & Gen. Services1/11/1970-12/31/1978
Scott Tilley, Chief Division of Administration & Gen. Services1/01/1979-2/10/1979
Harold W. Hawman, Chief, Division of Administration & Gen. Services8/28/1979-
Carl G. Degan, Chief, Division of Audiovisual Arts1/11/1970-1/14/1978
Bernard Seabrooks, Chief, Division of Audiovisual Arts9/09/1979-2/26/1983
Jerry R. Ward, Chief, Division of Audiovisual Arts1/22/1984-
Vincent L. Gleason, Chief, Division of Publications1/11/1970-
Quincy B. Evison, Chief, Division of Environmental Projects 31/11/1970-11/25/1972
Russell J. Hendrickson, Chief, Division of Museums 41/11/1970-2/29/1980
David Wallace, Chief, Division of Museum Operations6/27/1971-3/03/1974
Arthur Allen, Chief, Division of Museum Services3/04/1974-8/08/1982
John H. Demer, Chief, Division of Conservation9/13/1982-
David Wallace, Chief, Division of Reference Services 53/04/1974-3/28/1980
Sarah M. Olson, Chief, Division of Historic Furnishings9/02/1984-
Marilyn B. Wandrus, Chief, Office of Graphic Research 69/02/1984-3/13/1988
David Nathanson, Chief, Office of Library and Archives 69/02/1984-3/13/1988
Raymond S. Price, Chief, Division of Wayside Exhibits1/25/1981-
Robert G. Johnsson, Chief, Division of Exhibit Planning and Design1/25/1981-
Grant A. Cadwallader, Chief, Division of Museum Production1/25/1981-5/25/1986
Mary J. Herber, Chief Division of Museum Production6/22/1986-
Allen E. Kent, Chief, Division of Interpretive Planning11/21/1976-12/01/1989
David H. Wallace, Chief, Division of Reference Services 63/04/1974-3/13/1988

1 Center authorized by Department of Interior 10/22/1969. The Center Director's responsibility includes the supervision of the Harpers Ferry National Historic Park and the Harpers Ferry Training Center. The Training Center responsibility limited as of 10/23/1970 to Administrative Support Services.

2 On 1/11/1970, Mr. Everhart was organizationally identified as Director/Manager of the Harpers Ferry Center, but he was also still listed as the Assistant Director, Interpretation, until a SF-50 was processed on 9/02/1973, moving him from the Asst. Director, Interpretation to the Manager of the Harpers Ferry Center.

3 Organization unit transferred to the Washington Office in December, 1970.

4 Division split into Museums, Museum Operations and Reference Services.

5 Division split into Historic Furnishings, Graphic Research and Library and Archives.

6 Both offices realigned to Division of Administration. These two offices were incorporated into the Branch of Library, Archival Services and Graphic Research.


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