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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
National Capital Parks
National Park Service Arrowhead

National Capital Parks, District of Columbia-Virginia-Maryland 1

      Name Period of Service
C. Marshall Finnan, Supt.10/09/1933-7/31/1939
Irvin C. Root, Supt.1/02/1941-7/01/1950
Edward J. Kelly, Supt.7/01/1950-5/01/1958
Harry T. Thompson, Supt.5/01/1958-2/25/1961
T. Sutton Jett, Supt.3/15/1961-1/22/1962

Organization Changes

National Capital Parks became Region Six, NPS1/22/1962
Region Six became National Capital Region, NPS7/10/1962
Reorganization into Superintendencies5/23/1965
National Capital Region became National Capital Parks12/05/1969
National Capital Parks became National Capital Region10/21/1976

National Capital Regional Office, Washington, D.C.
(Established January 22, 1962) 2

      Name Period of Service
T. Sutton Jett, Reg. Dir.1/22/1962-1/13/1968
I. J. Castro, Reg. Dir.1/14/1968-9/25/1969
Russell E. Dickenson, Actg. Reg. Dir.9/26/1969-1/10/1970
Robert C. Horne, Assoc. Reg.11/04/1962-1/14/1968
Russell E. Dickenson, Assoc. Reg. Dir.1/14/1968-1/10/1970
I. J. Castro, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/04/1962-1/13/1968
C. W. Heine, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/04/1962-5/23/1965
Raymond L. Freeman, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/04/1962-3/13/1966
R. R. Bartel, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/04/1962-12/30/1965
Fred W. Binnewies, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/09/1965-2/28/1969
Joseph Brown, Asst. Reg. Dir.4/06/1969-9/19/1970
William S. Bahlman, Asst. Reg. Dir.4/24/1966-2/24/1969
Rex W. Scouten, Asst. Reg. Dir.2/24/1968-5/03/1969

Office of National Capital Parks, Washington, D.C.
(Established December 5, 1969) 3

      Name Period of Service
Russell E. Dickenson, Gen. Supt.1/11/1970-9/04/1971
Russell E. Dickenson, Dir.9/05/1971-7/13/1973
Manus J. Fish, Dir., NCR11/11/1973-10/20/1976
Manus J. Fish, Regional Director10/21/1976-9/03/1988
Ronald M. Wyre, Act'g Regional Director9/04/1988-12/17/1988
Robert G. Stanton, Regional Director12/18/1988-

Manus J. Fish, Dep. Gen. Supt.6/14/1970-2/05/1972
Manus J. Fish, Assoc. Dir. (Management)2/06/1972-11/10/1973
John A. Townsley, Dep. Reg. Dir.12/23/1973-8/02/1975
Jimmie L. Dunning, Dep. Reg. Dir.11/03/1975-12/02/1978
Robert G. Stanton, Dep. Reg. Dir.11/19/1978-6/20/1987
Ronald M. Wrye, Dep. Reg. Dir.9/27/1987-
Benjamin C. Howland, Assoc. Dir. Professional Support2/07/1972-6/13/1975
Edward S. Peetz, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Professional Services7/06/1975-12/30/1982
Terry Carlstrom, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Professional Services, Assoc. Reg. Dir Professional Services8/08/1982-
Monroe A. Clay, Spec. Asst. to the Gen. Supt.8/09/1970-2/07/1972
Monroe A. Clay, Spec. Asst. to the Dir.2/07/1972-7/28/1981
James C. Gross, Spec. Asst. to the Reg. Dir.1/04/1982-11/22/1985
Stephen E. Lynch, Spec. Asst. to the Reg. Dir. (U.S. Holocaust Memorial)1/02/1983-12/07/1989
George Berklacy, Asst. to the General Superintendent7/26/1970-2/07/1972
George Berklacy, Asst. to the Dir. (Public Affairs)2/07/1972-5/30/1981
Sandra A. Alley, Assoc. Reg. Dir. (Public Affairs)5/01/1983-
Leroy A. Rowell, Asst. to the Gen. Supt. (Special Projects)11/16/1969-2/07/1972
Elmer S. Atkins, Asst. Gen. Supt. White House Liaison5/04/1969-2/07/1972
Elmer S. Atkins, Asst. Dir./Assoc. Reg. Dir. White House Liaison2/07/1972-12/31/1983
James I. McDaniel, Assoc. Reg. Dir. White House Liaison5/27/1984-
Richard L. Stanton, Asst. Dir. Cooperative Activities2/07/1972-6/05/1977

National Capital Parks (Region)

      Name Period of Service
John G. Parsons, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Land Use Coordination9/25/1977-
John A. Townsley, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Operations6/11/1972-12/22/1973
Abner M. Bradley, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Operations12/23/1973-3/09/1979
Lowell V. Sturgill, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations12/03/1978-9/02/1989
Burnice T. Kearney, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations11/05/1989-
Posey B. Howell, Jr., Asst. Gen. Supt. Administration6/07/1970-2/05/1972
Posey B. Howell, Jr., Chief, Office of Programming & Budget (temp overlap)2/06/1972-9/16/1973
Donald J. Proulx, Chief, Office of Programming & Budget9/01/1973-2/16/1974
Donald J. Proulx, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration2/17/1974-6/30/1975
Edward J. Donnelly, Chief, Operations Eval.6/28/1971-2/05/1972
LeRoy R. Brown, Chief, Operations Eval.2/06/1972-6/30/1973
Edward J. Donnelly, Chief, Office of Organization Development & Manpower 2/06/1972-2/16/1974
Edward J. Donnelly, Deputy Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration2/17/1974-7/05/1975
Edward J. Donnelly, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration7/06/1975-6/01/1979
Carolyn Betts, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration7/15/1979-7/01/1989
Richard E. Powers, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration7/30/1989-
Charles K. Rattley, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer11/26/1972-10/21/1979
J. Melvin Reid, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer3/23/1980-
Patrick J. Carroll, Chief, US Park Police1932-1940
Henry Helms, Chief, US Park Police1940-1941
Mark A. Raspberry, Chief, US Park Police (Military Service 1942-1945)1941-1954
Jerome B. Lawles, Chief, US Park Police1942-1945
Harold F. Stewart, Chief, US Park Police1954-1963
Nelson Murdock, Chief, US Park Police1963-1966
Walter Lange, Chief, US Park Police1966-1968
Grant Wright, Chief, US Park Police8/11/1968-4/01/1973
Jerry L. Wells, Chief, US Park Police4/23/1973-9/30/1979
Parker T. Hill, Chief, US Park Police11/18/1979-9/30/1981
Lynn H. Herring, Chief, US Park Police12/18/1981-

1 Administration transferred to National Park Service, U. S. Dept of Interior, August 10, 1933.
2 Included areas administered by National Capital Parks.
3 Established 12/05/1969, as Office of National Capital Parks. Name changed back to National Capital Region on 10/21/1976.

Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Regional Offices
National Park Service Arrowhead

Southeast Regional Office, Atlanta, Georgia1

      Name Period of Service
Carl P. Russell, Reg. Dir.8/01/1937-1/01/1939
Minor R. Tillotson, Reg. Dir.1/01/1939-8/09/1940
Arno B. Cammerer, Reg. Dir.8/09/1940-8/01/1941
Thomas J. Allen, Reg. Dir.8/10/1941-12/18/1942
Fred T. Johnston, Act'g. Reg. Dir.9/03/1942-4/23/1943
Oliver G. Taylor, Act'g. Reg. Dir.4/23/1943-6/15/1944
Thomas J. Allen, Reg. Dir.6/16/1944-12/08/1951
Elbert Cox, Reg. Dir.12/09/1951-11/07/1966
Jackson E. Price, Reg. Dir.11/06/1966-9/07/1968
J. Leonard Volz, Reg. Dir.9/07/1968-12/12/1970
David D. Thompson, Jr., Reg. Dir.12/13/1970-10/22/1977
Joseph Brown, Reg. Dir.10/23/1977-4/04/1981
Neal G. Guse, Jr., Act'g. Reg. Dir.4/05/1981-5/30/1981
Robert M. Baker, Reg. Dir.5/31/1981-

S. Herbert Evison, Assoc. Reg. Dir.9/16/1937-1/31/1940
Fred T. Johnston, Assoc. Reg. Dir.2/01/1940-5/17/1943
S. Herbert Evison, Assoc. Reg. Dir.9/01/1943-9/25/1945
Elbert Cox, Assoc. Reg. Dir.12/07/1945-9/28/1950
Charles S. Marshall, Assoc. Dir.3/03/1970-1/08/1972
George W. Fry, Assoc. Dir.2/06/1972-6/30/1973
William H. Hendrickson, Dep. Reg. Dir.9/16/1973-1/05/1974
Robert G. Stanton, Dep. Reg. Dir.4/28/1974-3/27/1976
David G. Wright, Dep. Reg. Dir.3/28/1976-2/18/1978
Neal G. Guse Jr., Dep. Reg. Dir.4/09/1978-10/04/1980
Neal G. Guse Jr., Dep. Reg. Dir10/01/1981-6/09/1984
Carroll W. Ogle, Dep. Reg. Dir.6/10/1984-

Neal G. Guse, Jr., Dep. Reg. Dir. Operations10/05/1980-9/30/1981
Carroll W. Ogle, Dep. Reg. Dir., Support Serv10/05/1980-9/30/1981

Melvin B. Borgeson, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1936-12/30/1938
Harold K. Roberts, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1938-2/06/1942
William S. Bahlman, Asst. Reg. Dir.9/26/1938-9/30/1942
Ewell M. Lisle, Asst. Reg. Dir.10/26/1946-12/30/1965
Elbert Cox, Asst. Reg. Dir.9/29/1950-12/08/1951
Edward S. Zimmer, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/19/1950-6/30/1954
Daniel J. Tobin, Asst. Reg. Dir.3/02/1952-7/14/1955
Raymond O. Mulvany, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-11/20/1965
Granville B. Liles, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/16/1966-2/24/1968
Charles S. Marshall, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/21/1965-3/02/1970
Leland F. Ramsdell, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/16/1968-10/31/1969
George W. Fry, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/11/1970-4/04/1970
Sam P. Weems, Asst. Dir.3/02/1970-10/17/1970
George W. Fry, Asst. Dir.8/08/1971-2/05/1972

Vincent Ellis, Asst. Dir., Park Support Serv.5/03/1970-6/12/1971
L. Boyd Finch, Asst. Dir. Coop Activities2/07/1971-9/15/1973

Neal A. Butterfield, Asst. to Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-9/09/1967
Charles S. Marshall, Asst. to Reg. Dir.4/14/1963-11/20/1965
Robert N. McIntyre, Asst. to Reg. Dir.1/14/1968-10/31/1969
Sam P. Weems, Asst. to Dir.1/24/1972-11/11/1973
Sam P. Weems, Asst to Reg. Dir.9/30/1974-3/01/1975

George W. Fry, Chief, Operations Eval.4/05/1970-8/07/1971
Bertrum C. Roberts, Chief, Operations Eval.4/03/1972-10/15/1972
Ira Mitchell, Chief, Operations Eval.10/16/1972-12/31/1978

Gordon P. Cox, Chief, Administrative Mgmt.3/03/1970-6/30/1972
Ira Mitchell, Chief, Administrative Mgmt.6/17/1972-10/15/1972
Bertram C. Roberts, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Admin.10/16/1972-11/07/1974
Charles E. Watson, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Admin.12/08/1974-2/23/1980
Frank A. Catroppa, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Admin.3/07/1982-

Billy H. Edmondson, Dep. Assoc. Reg. Dir. Admin.6/10/1984-9/02/1989

L. Boyd Finch, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Plan & Assist9/16/1973-3/06/1981
W. Thomas Brown, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Plan and External Affairs6/27/1982-

William H. O'Neal, Dep. Assoc. Reg. Dir. for Rec. Prog., Plan. & External Affairs1/11/1985-

James L. Bainbridge, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Operations12/10/1972-10/04/1980
Carroll W. Ogle, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Operations10/01/1981-6/09/1984
Robert L. Deskins, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Oper.9/02/1984-

Paul B. Hartwig, Dep. Assoc. Reg. Dir. for Cultural Resources1/11/1985-

F. Dominic Dottavio, Dep. Assoc. Reg. Dir., for Science and Natural Resources6/07/1987-

Phillip A. Beslow, Equal Opportunity Officer10/15/1972-

James M. Howard, Jr., Public Affairs Officer7/11/1971-5/14/1983
James M. Howard, Jr., Ch. Off. of Communications5/15/1983-

1 The Southeast Region was established August 7, 1937, as Region One with Headquarters in Richmond, Virgina and covered the eastern United States except National Capital Parks, but including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Region Five was established in 1955 with Headquarters in Philadelphia, thus eliminating the northeastern states from Region One and four eastern states from Region Two. In 1962 the name was changed to Southeast Region. The Commonwealth of Virginia transferred to the Northwest Region on November 15, 1971. The Southeast Regional Headquarters moved from Richmond to Atlanta, Georgia on January 9, 1972. The region includes presently the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

North Atlantic Regional Office, Boston, Massachusetts 1

      Name Period of Service
Jerry D. Wagers, Reg. Dir.1/06/1974-7/31/1976
Jack E. Stark, Reg. Dir.9/27/1976-8/25/1979
Richard W. Marks, Act'g. Reg. Dir.9/21/1979-1/26/1980
Richard L. Stanton, Reg. Dir.1/27/1980-2/07/1981
Steven H. Lewis, Act'g Reg. Dir.2/08/1981-1/23/1982
Herbert S. Cables, Jr., Reg. Dir.1/24/1982-7/29/1989
Gerald D. Patten, Reg. Dir.7/30/1989-

David A. Richie, Deputy Reg. Dir.1/20/1974-3/14/1976
Dennis P. Galvin, Deputy Reg. Dir.4/11/1976-10/07/1978
Steven H. Lewis, Deputy Reg. Dir.8/24/1980-7/14/1990
Marie G. Rust, Deputy Reg. Dir.7/15/1990-

Dennis P. Galvin, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management and Operations4/01/1974-4/10/1976
Gilbert Calhoun, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management and Operations6/07/1976-11/07/1980
Richard S. Tousley, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management and Operations11/01/1981-11/01/1986
John J. Guthrie, Assoc, Reg. Dir. Management and Operations5/11/1987-
Marie G. Rust, Deputy Associate Reg. Dir., Management and Operations6/26/1987-5/09/1987
Lawerance J. Hovig, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration3/03/1974-1/31/1987
Marie G. Rust, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration5/10/1987-7/14/1990
Steven H. Lewis, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration7/15/1990-

Ross Holland, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning and Resource Preservation3/17/1974-9/01/1977

Charles P. Clapper, Jr., Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning and Resource Preservation1/01/1978-2/24/1990
Robert W. McIntosh, Jr., Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning and Resource Preservation9/16/1990-

John C. Raftery, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Cooperative Activities5/09/1974-10/01/1976

Anne T. Barron, Equal Empl. Opp. Coordinator7/30/1978-
Georgette H. Tanner, Equal Opportunity Manager6/19/1988-7/15/1989
Eleanor R. Pratt, Equal Opportunity Manager1/14/1990-

1 Established 11/30/1973 by Secretary of Interior and published in DM 145.8 for the States of New Jersey, new York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. These eight states previously administered through the Northeast Regional Office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mid Atlantic Regional Office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1

      Name Period of Service
Daniel J. Tobin, Reg. Dir.7/15/1955-12/31/1959
Ronald F. Lee, Reg. Dir.1/11/1960-12/30/1965
Lemuel A. Garrison, Reg. Dir.1/02/1966-7/11/1970
Henry G. Schmidt, Reg. Dir.7/12/1970-8/22/1971
Chester L. Brooks, Reg. Dir.8/22/1971-11/20/1976
Nathan B. Golub, Act'g. Reg. Dir.11/21/1976-6/04/1977
Richard L. Stanton, Reg. Dir.6/05/1977-1/26/1980
James W. Coleman, Jr., Act'g Reg. Dir.1/28/1980-9/06/1980
James W. Coleman, Jr., Reg. Dir.9/07/1980-

Benjamin J. Zerbey, Deputy Reg. Dir.1/06/1974-6/02/1979
James W. Coleman, Jr., Deputy Reg. Dir.7/29/1979-9/06/1980
Don H. Castleberry, Deputy Reg. Dir.12/14/1980-2/14/1987
Frank Alexander Gould, Deputy Reg. Dir.2/14/1988-10/07/1989
Charles P. Clapper, Jr., Deputy Reg. Dir.2/25/1990-

George A. Palmer, Assoc. Dir.4/05/1970-7/01/1973
George A. Palmer, Assoc. Reg. Dir.7/17/1966-4/04/1970
George A. Palmer, Asst. Reg. Dir.7/03/1955-7/16/1966

Allen T. Edmunds, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-3/12/1966

J. Carlisle Crouch, Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations5/08/1962-12/30/1965
Thomas E. Whitcraft, Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations1/02/1966-4/04/1970
Thomas E. Whitcraft, Asst. Dir. Park Support Services4/05/1970-7/31/1970
Nathan B. Golub, Asst. Dir., Park Support Services/Operations8/03/1970-2/29/1980
Homer L. Rouse, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations2/03/1981-10/01/1983
Richard B. Smith, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations12/25/1983-3/29/1986
Maureen E. Finnerty, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations8/03/1986-1/13/1990
Joseph R. Miller, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations4/22/1990-

Bruce J. Miller, Asst. Dir., Cooperative Programs6/14/1970-1/08/1972
Ben Butterfield, Asst. Dir., Cooperative Programs1/23/1972-4/14/1974

S. Sydney Bradford, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning & Resource Preservation4/15/1974-12/15/1979
John W. Bond, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Cultural Resource Management4/20/1980-2/17/1987
Katherine H. Stevenson, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Cultural Resource Management2/18/1987-

Anthony M. Corbisiero, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning & Development5/31/1981-
Michael H. Gordon, Deputy Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning and Development8/31/1986-4/08/1989

Eugene E. Deao, Asst. Reg. Dir. Administration6/30/1968-4/04/1970
Eugene E. Deao, Chief, Office of Administrative Management4/05/1970-5/31/1972
Eugene G. Parisho, Asst. to Reg. Dir. Administration8/19/1973-6/30/1974
Howard H. LaRue, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration10/13/1974-11/03/1979
Sandra C. Rosencrans, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration3/09/1980-

Samuel E. Moore, Equal Opportunity Officer (Employment)2/18/1973-9/30/1978
Fontaine Black, Equal Employment Manager11/19/1978-

Manning J. Mosley, Urban Affairs Officer8/10/1980-4/02/1983

James Godbolt, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation5/31/1970-1/23/1971
Benjamin Zerbey, Chief, Office Operations Evaluation5/16/1971-1/05/1974
Dennis E. McGinnis, Chief, Office Operations Evaluation1/06/1974-12/07/1974
Harry L. O'Bryant, Chief, Office Operations Evaluation3/02/1975-6/17/1979

J. Frank Mentzer, Asst. to Reg. Dir. (Public Affairs)10/31/1963-6/15/1968
Robert Burns, Asst. to Reg. Dir./Chief Div. of Public Affairs9/08/1968-4/19/1970
Arthur P. Miller, Public Affairs Officer5/26/1974-7/16/1988
Roberta B. D'Amico, Public Affairs Officer1/29/1989-

Lawrence B. Coryell, Special Asst. Director (Bicentennial)8/05/1973-2/03/1974

Dr. Murray Nelligan, Asst. to Reg. Dir. (Historic Preservation)11/06/1967-4/04/1970

Martin B. Christenson, Asst. to Reg. Dir. (Program Coordination)8/27/1967-4/04/1970

1 Established as Region Five in 1955. Name changed to Northeast Region in 1962. Boundary adjusted 11/15/1971 adding Virginia & Minnesota. Boundary significantly adjusted on 1/06/1974, transferring to the Midwest Region the States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, and leaving the States of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Midwest Regional Office, Omaha, Nebraska 1

      Name Period of Service
Thomas J. Allen, Reg. Dir.8/01/1937-7/31/1941
Lawrence C. Merriam, Reg. Dir.8/01/1941-10/31/1950
Howard W. Baker, Reg. Dir.11/01/1950-2/15/1964
Lemuel A. Garrison, Reg. Dir.2/16/1964-1/01/1966
Fred C. Fagergren, Reg. Dir.1/02/1966-11/06/1970
J. Leonard Volz, Reg. Dir.12/13/1970-2/01/1975
Merrill D. Beal, Reg. Dir.2/02/1975-12/02/1978
Jimmie L. Dunning, Reg. Dir.12/03/1978-7/17/1983
Randall R. Pope, Act'g Reg. Dir.7/18/1983-12/31/1983
Charles H. Odegaard, Reg. Dir.1/01/1984-2/14/1987
Don H. Castleberry, Reg. Dir.2/15/1987-

Deputy Regional Director
Merrill D. Beal1/01/1972-2/01/1975
Robert L. Giles2/02/1975-6/20/1975
Randall R. Pope6/20/1976-1/17/1987
William W. Schenk4/26/1987-

Associate & Assistant Regional Directors & Office Chiefs
Paul V. Brown, Assoc. Reg. Dir.9/16/1937-3/05/1942
Howard W. Baker, Assoc. Reg. Dir.8/16/1943-10/31/1950
George F. Baggley, Assoc. Reg. Dir.3/17/1964-10/09/1966
LeRoy R. Brown, Assoc. Dir.4/05/1970-8/22/1970
Roger J. Contor, Assoc. Dir.1/10/1971-12/10/1971
Jack Wallace, Asst. Reg. Dir.1938-1940
Harry E. Curtis, Asst. Reg. Dir.4/26/1940-3/15/1942
Donald B. Alexander, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1938-3/26/1943
Earl Grever, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1938-11/01/1939
James V. Lloyd, Asst. Reg. Dir.10/03/1950-8/31/1954
John S. McLaughlin, Asst. Reg. Dir.10/08/1950-8/13/1955
Robert G. Hall, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/07/1951-6/30/1954
Melbourne H. Harvey, Act'g. Asst. Reg. Dir.6/29/1956-3/16/1958
Melbourne H. Harvey, Asst. Reg. Dir.3/16/1958-11/05/1960
George F. Baggley, Asst. Reg. Dir.2/21/1961-3/16/1964
Fred J. Novak, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-1/15/1966
Chester C. Brown, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-4/28/1963
Robert N. McIntyre, Asst. To Reg. Dir.9/16/1962-8/28/1965
Glen T. Bean, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/21/1964-7/31/1965
Raymond K. Rundell, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/30/1966-12/31/1967
Nelson Murdock, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/19/1966-10/05/1968
Bill W. Dean, Asst. Dir., Cooperative Prog.4/05/1970-9/17/1982
Robert L. Giles, Asst. Reg. Dir., Admin.4/21/1968-4/04/1970
LeRoy R. Brown, Asst. Reg. Dir.12/29/1968-4/04/1970
Phillip R. Iversen, Asst. Dir., Park Support Services4/05/1970-7/08/1972
Robert L. Giles, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluations4/06/1970-2/02/1975
Keith K. Williams, Chief, Office of Administrative Magement4/06/1970-11/02/1972
Ken Ashley, Asst. Reg. Dir., Operations7/07/1972-1/05/1974
John Kawamoto, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Planning and Resource Preservation7/09/1972-4/29/1988
David N. Given, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Planning and Resource Preservation8/14/1988-
Daniel E. Davis, Asst. Reg. Dir., Operations1/11/1974-9/27/1977
Hugh Beattie, Chief, Office of Operation Evaluation3/16/1975-11/27/1982
James L. Ryan, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Admin.5/11/1975-1/03/1987
Edward Carlin, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Admin.3/01/1987-
Charles A. Veitl, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Operations12/23/1977-10/12/1979
Warren H. Hill, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Operations12/30/1979-
David Shonk, Special Asst. to the Reg. Dir., Cooperative Activities6/26/1983-10/26/1985
David Shonk, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Cooperative Activities 210/27/1985-6/29/1991

Steve L. Williams, Equal Employment Officer12/24/1972-

Bill W. Dean, Asst. to RD (Coop Act. & PA)11/14/1966-4/04/1970
Burton V. Coale, Writer/Editor, Printed Media4/05/1970-6/30/1973
ODell A. Hanson, Public Information Officer4/29/1974-7/21/1980
Charles Weiser, Public Affairs Officer11/30/1980-11/07/1988
Florence I. Six, Public Affairs Officer1/17/1988-

1 Established 8/01/37 as Region Two covering the Northern Rocky Mountain, Plains, and Western Great Lakes States. The four Eastern States were transferred to the newly established Region Five in 1955. Name changed to Midwest Region in 1962. Boundary further adjusted 11/15/1971, deleting Minnesota and adding Utah and all of Colorado. On 1/06/1974 the Midwest Region was significantly realigned when the States of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming were transferred to the newly created Rocky Mountain Region, and the States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin were added to the Midwest Region from the Northeast Region.

2 Associate Regional Director, Cooperative Activities, David Shonk, retired 11/30/1990 and returned on December 1, 1990 as a reemployed annuitant. He resigned from his position on June 29, 1991.

Rocky Mountain Regional Office, Denver, Colorado 1

      Name Period of Service
Lynn H. Thompson, Regional Director1/06/1974-4/22/1978
Glen T. Bean, Act'g. Reg'l. Director4/23/1978-7/01/1978
Glen T. Bean, Regional Director7/02/1978-2/29/1980
James B. Thompson, Act'g. Reg'l. Director3/01/1980-4/05/1980
L. Lorraine Mintzmyer, Regional Director4/06/1980-

Glen T. Bean, Deputy Regional Director1/06/1974-7/01/1978
James B. Thompson, Deputy Regional Director7/30/1978-2/18/1984
Jack W. Neckels, Deputy Regional Director4/29/1984-

Harold P. Danz, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Administration 21/06/1974-

Kenneth R. Ashley, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Park Operations 1/06/1974-1/10/1981
Lloyd Surles, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Park Operations 4/19/1981-4/30/1983
Homer L. Rouse, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Park Operations 10/02/1983-

Richard A. Strait, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Cooperative Activities1/06/1974-4/09/1977
Richard A. Strait, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Planning and Resource Preservation 34/10/1977-6/01/1991

Vernon D. Dame, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Professional Support4/01/1974-4/09/1977

Alan O'Neill, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Cooperative Programs5/31/1981-9/30/1983

Wayne C. Bryant, Acting Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation1/06/1974-6/08/1974
Wayne C. Bryant, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation6/09/1974-2/29/1980
Cecil D. Lewis, Jr., Acting Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation3/01/1980-9/19/1981
Wescoat S. Wolfe, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation9/20/1981-8/21/1982

James D. Harpster, Public Information Officer3/03/1974-9/26/198?
Ben Moffett, Public Information Officer11/22/1987-

Rudy L. Baca, Equal Emp. Opportunity Officer5/05/1974-8/28/1976
David M. Mims, Equal Emp. Opportunity Officer8/29/1976-4/21/1979
Doris J. Bishop, Equal Emp. Opportunity Officer10/05/1980-12/27/1986
Judith Cordova, Equal Opportunity Manager4/12/1987-

1 Established January 6, 1974 through boundary adjustment of the Midwest Region. The states of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota were transferred to the newly established Rocky Mountain Region.

2 Associate Regional Director, Administration, Harold P. Danz, retired August 31, 1990, and returned as a reemployed annuitant on 9/5/1990. He resigned from his position as a reemployed annuitant on June 1, 1991.

3 Associate Regional Director, Planning and Resource Preservation, Richard A. Strait, retired August 31, 1990, and returned as a reemployed annuitant on 9/5/1990. He resigned from his position as a reemployed annuitant on June 1, 1991.

Southwest Regional Office, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1

      Name Period of Service
Herbert Maier, Act'g. Reg. Dir.8/01/1937-1/01/1939
Hillory A. Tolson, Act'g. Reg. Dir.4/30/1939-4/13/1940
John R. White, Reg. Dir.4/14/1940-8/08/1940
Minor R. Tillotson, Reg. Dir.8/09/1940-3/01/1955
Hugh M. Miller, Act'g. Reg. Dir.3/01/1955-7/13/1955
Hugh M. Miller, Reg. Dir.7/14/1955-11/01/1959
*Thomas J. Allen, Reg. Dir.11/01/1959-7/06/1963
Daniel B. Beard, Reg. Dir.7/06/1963-9/09/1967
Frank F. Kowski, Reg. Dir.9/24/1967-2/16/1974
Joseph C. Rumburg, Jr., Reg. Dir.2/17/1974-12/31/1976
John E. Cook, Reg. Dir.1/16/1977-3/18/1979
L. Lorraine Mintzmyer, Act'g. Reg. Dir. *3/06/1979-8/11/1979
L. Lorraine Mintzmyer, Reg. Dir.8/12/1979-4/05/1980
Robert I. Kerr, Act'g. Reg. Dir. *4/06/1980-10/18/1980
Robert I. Kerr, Reg. Dir.10/19/1980-5/10/1986
Donald A. Dayton, Act'g. Reg. Dir. *5/11/1986-8/02/1986
John E. Cook, Reg. Dir.8/03/1986-

Herbert Maier, Assoc. Reg. Dir.10/11/1937-3/26/1940
Milton J. McColm, Assoc. Reg. Dir.3/26/1940-1/31/1943
Eivind T. Scoyen, Assoc. Reg. Dir.10/04/1943-11/22/1947
Preston P. Patraw, Assoc. Reg. Dir.12/22/1947-9/28/1950
James M. Eden, Assoc. Dir.5/31/1970-2/28/1971
Theodore R. Thompson, Dep. Reg. Dir.5/30/1971-5/20/1978
L. Lorraine Mintzmyer, Dep. Reg. Dir.7/30/1978-8/11/1979
Robert I. Kerr, Dep. Reg. Dir.8/26/1979-10/18/1980
Donald A. Dayton, Dep. Reg. Dir.10/19/1980-12/31/1988
Richard W. Marks, Deputy Reg. Dir.12/04/1988-

Milton J. McColm, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1938-3/25/1940
Everett A. Pesonen, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1938-1/31/1940
Bernard L. Douglas, Asst. Reg. Dir.2/20/1940-4/15/1942
Milo Christiansen, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1940-3/01/1942
Charles A. Richey, Asst. Reg. Dir.9/01/1943-10/28/1945
John M. Davis, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/21/1946-3/02/1950
Harvey H. Cornell, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/25/1950-6/30/1954
Preston P. Patraw, Asst. Reg. Dir.9/29/1950-5/08/1954
Hugh M. Miller, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/06/1950-7/13/1955
Harthon L. Bill, Asst. Reg. Dir.9/25/1955-12/31/1959
George W. Miller, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/17/1960-12/24/1968
James M. Carpenter, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-1/31/1965
Leslie P. Arnberger, Asst. Reg. Dir.5/08/1962-6/27/1965
Lawrence C. Hadley, Asst. to Reg. Dir.4/14/1963-5/24/1964
Elmer W. Watkins, Asst. Reg. Dir.11/21/1965-2/25/1968
Roger W. Allin, Asst. to Reg. Dir.8/24/1964-1/29/1966
James M. Eden, Asst. Reg. Dir.2/25/1968-5/30/1970
Carl O. Walker, Asst. Reg. Dir.2/25/1968-5/30/1970
Arthur H. White, Asst. to the Reg. Dir.3/10/1968-1/09/1971

Carl O. Walker, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Admin. 5/31/1970-7/20/1974
Earl A. Hassebrock, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Admin. 4/28/1974-5/31/1986
Hafford L. Garland, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Admin. 10/12/1986-
Monte E. Fitch, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations5/31/1970-2/21/1977
Douglas G. Warnock, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations2/22/1977-4/01/1979
Leslie P. Arnberger, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations7/15/1979-5/08/1980
Jack W. Neckels, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations11/03/1980-4/28/1984
Keith E. Miller, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations7/22/1984-1/02/1988
Richard B. Smith, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations5/08/1988-11/18/1989

John W. Henneberger, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Professional Services9/--/1972-3/09/1974
Wayne Cone, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Professional Services5/11/1975-6/30/1981
Eldon Reyer, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning and Cultural Preservation7/12/1981-7/01/1989
Richard B. Smith, Assoc. Reg. Director Resources Management11/19/1989-

Douglas G. Farris, Asst. Reg. Dir., Planning11/28/1989-
Thomas E. Lubbert, Dep. Asst. Reg. Dir. Planning10/09/1988-8/25/1990
Edward L. Shellenberger, Asst. Reg. Dir. External Programs11/28/1989-

Luis A. Gastellum, Chief, Operations Evaluation6/14/1970-5/16/1973
Robert Bendt, Chief, Operations Evaluation7/22/1973-5/16/1978
Robert Bendt, Management Consulting **5/17/1978-5/31/1979
Ronald R. Switzer, Management Consulting6/03/1979-8/01/1987

David M. Mims, Equal Empl. Opp. Officer12/09/1973-8/28/1976
Rudy L. Baca, Equal Empl. Opportunity Off.8/29/1976-8/15/1987
Mark M. Mendoza, Equal Opportunity Officer3/13/1988-

Arthur H. White, Asst. Reg. Dir. Cooperative Activities3/--/1968-2/--/1971
Charles K. Boatner, Asst. Reg. Dir. Cooperative Activities11/15/1970-9/03/1972

J. Frank Mentzer, Public Information Officer9/17/1972-5/30/1978
Ben Moffett, Asst. Reg. Dir. for Public Affairs7/02/1978-11/21/1987
Tanna L. Chattin, Chief, Office of Public Affairs8/28/1988-11/18/1989
Tanna L. Chattin, Chief, Office of Communications ***11/19/1989-

Charles K. Boatner, Field Asst. to Reg. Dir.10/01/1981-3/02/1982
(Position abolished on March 10, 1982) (death)

1 Established 8/01/37 as Region Three covering the Southwest States. Name changed to Southwest Region in 1962. Boundary adjusted 11/15/1971 deleting Arizona and Utah with minor exceptions and adding Arkansas and Louisana.

*Acting as Regional Director while serving in the post of Deputy Regional Director
**Position changed to Management Consulting.
***Position was changed to Assistant to the Regional Director for Public Affairs.

Pacific Northwest Regional Office, Seattle, Washington 1

      Name Period of Service
John A. Rutter, Regional Director12/31/1969-7/31/1975
Wayne R. Howe, Acting Reg. Director8/01/1975-12/20/1975
Russell E. Dickenson, Regional Director1/02/1976-5/14/1980
Daniel J. Tobin, Jr., Regional Director7/30/1980-9/07/1985
William J. Briggle, Acting Reg. Director9/08/1985-2/14/1987
Charles H. Odegaard, Regional Director2/15/1987-

Edward J. Kurtz, Deputy Reg. Director *9/30/1973-1/11/1980
Charles H. Odegaard Deputy Reg. Director11/04/1979-12/31/1983
William J. Briggle, Deputy Reg. Director4/15/1984-

Bennett T. Gale, Asst. Dir. for Park Mgt.6/29/1969-5/16/1970
Bennett T. Gale, Assoc. Dir.5/17/1970-11/14/1971
Stanley Albright, Asst. Reg. Dir. Park Support Services3/22/1970-5/27/1972
Wayne R. Howe, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations7/09/1972-2/28/1976
James B. Thompson, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations4/25/1976-7/29/1978
Temple A. Reynolds, Jr., Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations8/13/1978-6/14/1980
Daniel R. Kuehn, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Management & Operations **1/11/1981-9/03/1983

Michael J. Tollefson, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Operations10/11/1987-

William R. Sund, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Administration5/12/1974-4/09/1976
Victor E. Dahlberg, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration7/02/1973-3/30/1974
William C. Quick, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration7/18/1976-5/19/1984
Ronald E. Sarff, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration10/14/1984-9/13/1987
Rory D. Westberg, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration1/03/1988-

Glenn D. Gallison, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning & Resource Preservation4/28/1974-12/26/1981
Stanford Young, Act'g. Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning & Resource Preservation12/27/1981-5/14/1982

Richard L. Winters, Act'g. Assoc. Reg. Dir. External Services5/31/1981-7/05/1982
Richard L. Winters, Assoc. Reg. Dir.Recreation Resources and Professional Services7/06/1982-

Gale Z. Brammer, Public Affairs Officer4/14/1974-9/11/1987
Nancy E. Stromsen, Public Affairs Officer2/28/1988-

Donald Jones, Equal Employment Officer
Dolista C. Scott, Equal Employment Manager7/01/1979-1/29/1989
Marcia Davis, Equal Employment Manager8/13/1989-

Bennett T. Gale, Assoc. Dir. Professional Support11/15/1971-11/08/1973
Bennett T. Gale, Assoc. Dir. Professional Services11/09/1973-6/30/1974
Robert S. Luntey, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Professional Services8/10/1974-10/23/1976
Robert B. Moore, Assoc. Dir., Management11/15/1971-6/23/1973
Rodger W. Pegues, Asst. Dir. Cooperative Activities11/15/1971-4/21/1978
Edward J. Kurtz, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation 23/22/1970-9/29/1973
John R. Earnst, Act'g. Chief, Office of Operations Evaluations9/30/1973-9/14/1974
Edward J. Kurtz, Act'g. Chief, Office of Organizational Dev. & Manpower11/15/1971-9/29/1973
Harvey B. Reynolds, Chief, Office of Finance & Mangement Control11/15/1971-6/26/1973
Victor E. Dahlberg, Act'g. Chief, Office of Programming & Budget11/15/1971-7/01/1973

1 On 12/30/1969 the Northwest District became the Northwest Region and embraced Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Lava Beds NM in California. Effective 8/17/1970 the title was change to the Pacific Northwest Region.

2 During Mr. Kurtz's term as Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation, he was appointed by the Regional Director as Acting Chief, Office of Organizational Development and Manpower (Personnel Officer), from 11/15/1971 to 11/12/1972. While he was serving as the Acting Chief, Office of ODM, John R. Earnst, was Acting Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation.

* Kurtz and Odegaard served in a joint capacity from 11/04/1979 to 1/11/1980.
** (Associate Regional Director, Management & Operations position combined with Deputy Regional Director effective 1/18/1984.)

Western Regional Office, San Francisco, California 1

      Name Period of Service
Frank A. Kittredge, Reg. Dir.8/01/1937-8/08/1940
John R. White, Reg. Dir.8/09/1940-7/15/1941
Owen A. Tomlinson, Reg. Dir.7/15/1941-11/01/1950
Lawrence C. Merriam, Reg. Dir.11/01/1950-7/06/1963
Edward A. Hummel, Reg. Dir.7/07/1963-11/05/1966
John A. Rutter, Reg. Dir.1/01/1967-12/14/1968
William L. Bowen, Reg. Dir.12/15/1968-1/10/1970
Joseph C. Rumburg, Jr., Reg. Dir.1/11/1970-12/11/1971
Howard H. Chapman, Reg. Dir.12/12/1971-5/02/1987
W. Lowell White, Actg. Reg. Dir.5/03/1987-6/20/1987
Stanley T. Albright, Reg. Dir.6/21/1987-

Perry R. Gage, Assoc. Reg. Dir.9/09/1937-3/26/1940
Herbert Maier, Assoc. Reg. Dir.3/26/1940-9/28/1940
Daniel J. Tobin, Jr., Assoc. Dir.10/04/1970-7/08/1972
John E. Cook, Assoc. Reg. Dir., Mgt.7/09/1972-7/21/1973

John E. Cook, Dep. Reg. Dir.7/22/1973-10/02/1973
John H. Davis, Dep. Reg. Dir.6/09/1974-1/09/1982
Lewis S. Albert, Dep. Reg. Dir.1/03/1988-

Bernard F. Manbey, Asst. Reg. Dir.7/16/1938-1/31/1943
Harold Fleischhauer, Asst. Reg. Dir.6/01/1938-8/13/1938
Mark H. Astrup, Asst. Reg. Dir.1/11/1939-2/05/1942
Sanford Hill, Asst. Reg. Dir.7/01/1950-6/30/1954
Herbert Maier, Asst. Reg. Dir.9/29/1950-1/20/1962
Raymond E. Hoyt, Asst. Reg. Dir.10/03/1950-12/12/1954

Edward A. Hummel, Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations9/16/1962-7/06/1963
Keith P. Neilson, Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations7/08/1963-3/14/1964
Warren F. Hamilton, Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations3/15/1964-8/28/1965
Robert B. Moore, Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations11/07/1965-9/07/1968
Joseph C. Rumburg, Jr., Asst. Reg. Dir. Operations9/22/1968-1/10/1970
Merle E. Stitt, Asst. Dir. Park Support Services3/22/1970-11/14/1971
Merle E. Stitt, Asst. Dir. Operations11/15/1971-8/05/1972
Lyle H. McDowell, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations 7/01/1972-4/29/1977
Stanley T. Albright, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations 9/11/1977-10/04/1980
W. Lowell White, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations 11/16/1980-

Leo J. Diederich, Asst. to Reg. Dir. Cooperative Activities5/08/1962-12/20/1966
Gustav W. Muehlenhaupt, Asst. to Reg. Dir. Cooperative Activities6/04/1967-6/13/1970
Theodore R. Owings, Asst. Dir. Cooperative Activities4/22/1970-2/14/1973

Bruce M. Kilgore, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Professional Support 6/25/1972-2/15/1975

John Adams, Chief, Office of Environmental Planning and Design11/15/1971-9/15/1974

Orthello Wallis, Chief, Office of Regional Scientist11/15/1971-9/15/1974

Bruce M. Kilgore, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Resource Management & Planning2/16/1975-11/15/1981
John D. Cherry, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Resource Management & Planning4/04/1982-

Keith P. Neilson, Asst. Reg. Dir. Administration 6/18/1962-7/07/1963
Warren F. Hamilton, Asst. Reg. Dir. Administration 9/15/1963-3/14/1964
James B. Myers, Asst. Reg. Dir. Administration 5/31/1964-7/03/1965
Raymond O. Mulvany, Asst. Reg. Dir. Administration 11/21/1965-2/28/1969
Fred J. Novak, Asst. Reg. Dir. Administration 4/10/1969-5/10/1970

Neal G. Guse, Chief, Office of Programming and Budget11/15/1971-2/03/1973

Gustav W. Muehlenhaupt, Asst. Dir., Office of Finance & Control11/15/1971-5/11/1974

Robert B. Mullen, Chief, Office of Organization and Manpower1/10/1970-4/07/1973

Warren H. Patton, Chief, Office of Budget 2/03/1974-5/11/1986
Warren H. Patton, Asst. Reg. Director Finance and Information Mgt.5/12/1986-11/05/1988

Fred J. Novak, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration4/08/1973-7/24/1975
Bertrum C. Roberts, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration 1/18/1976-3/25/1977
Norma Cox, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration 10/16/1977-6/26/1981
Levi E. Lopez, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration 1/24/1982-6/01/1985
Warren H. Patton, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration 11/06/1988-

Bennett T. Gale, Asst. to Reg. Dir.5/14/1962-3/13/1965
William P. Mott, Special Assistant to the Regional Director4/16/1989-

Fred J. Novak, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation5/11/1970-4/07/1973
Gustav W. Muehlenhaupt, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation5/12/1974-6/05/1976
Gustav W. Muehlenhaupt, Chief, Office of Management Appraisal6/06/1976-1/19/1977
Donald M. Spalding, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation6/15/1979-1/15/1983
James R. Mills, Chief, Office of Operations Evaluation2/06/1983-

Edwin Winge, Asst. to the Reg. Dir. Public Affairs 4/03/1973-12/31/1979
Lawrence W. Quist, Asst. Reg. Dir. Public Information 1/13/1980-9/30/1982
William G. Thomas, Public Information Officer11/14/1982-7/15/1989
Holly W. Bundock, Public Information Officer7/16/1989

Walter Robinson, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer10/01/1972-1/16/1981
Rebecca A. Mills, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer8/30/1981-

1 Established 8/01/37 as Region Four covering the Western States including Hawaii and Alaska. Name Changed to Western Region in 1962. Regional boundary adjusted in December 1969 deleting Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Lava Beds NM and adding Lake Mead NRA. Further boundary adjustment 11/15/1971 adding Arizona with minor exceptions.

Alaska Regional Office, Anchorage, Alaska 1

      Name Period of Service
John E. Cook, Reg. Dir.12/02/1980-4/16/1983
Robert L. Peterson, Act'g. Reg. Dir.3/13/1983-4/30/1983
Roger J. Contor, Reg. Dir.5/01/1983-8/03/1985
Quincy B. Evison, Reg. Dir.8/04/1985-6/15/1991
John M. Morehead, Reg. Dir.6/16/1961-

Douglas G. Warnock, Dep. Reg. Dir.12/02/1980-3/05/1983
Robert L. Peterson, Dep. Reg. Dir.3/13/1983-5/23/1987

William C. Welch, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Planning & Cultural Services10/04/1981-1/13/1988

Paul F. Haertel, Assoc. Reg. Director Resource Services5/24/1987-

Robert L. Peterson, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations10/04/1981-3/12/1983
Michael V. Finley, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Park Operations8/21/1983-7/05/1986
Richard J. Stenmark, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Operations7/06/1986-7/01/1989
David B. Ames, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Operations5/10/1987-

James J. Berens, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration10/04/1981-12/16/1989
William F. Locke, Assoc. Reg. Dir. Administration 4/11/1990-

Eleanor R. Pratt, Equal Opportunity Manager8/09/1981-1/13/1990
Judith Sandlin, Equal Opportunity Manager6/17/1990-

Joan E. Gidlund, Public Information Officer4/--/1980-10/--/1983
Nancy E. Stromsem, Public Information Officer1/--/1984-2/--/1988
Steven Lindbeck, Public Information Officer4/--/1988-4/--/1988
John R. Quinley, Public Information Officer8/25/1988-

1 Authorized December 2, 1980. Includes all park areas within the State of Alaska. Supercedes the Alaska Area Office.


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