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Historic Listing of National Park Service Officials
Secretaries of the Interior
National Park Service Arrowhead

Since the National Park Service was created on August 25, 1916

      Name Period of Service
Franklin Knight Lane3/06/1913-2/29/1920
John Barton Payne3/13/1920-3/04/1921
Albert B. Fall3/05/1921-3/04/1923
Hubert Work3/05/1923-7/24/1928
Roy O. West7/25/1928-3/04/1929
Ray Lyman Wilbur3/05/1929-3/04/1933
Harold L. Ickes3/04/1933-2/15/1946
Julius A. Krug3/18/1946-11/30/1949
Oscar L. Chapman12/01/1949-1/20/1953
Douglas McKay1/21/1953-4/15/1956
Fred A. Seaton6/08/1956-1/20/1961
Stewart L. Udall1/21/1961-1/20/1969
Walter J. Hickel1/21/1969-11/25/1970
Rogers C. B. Morton1/30/1971-4/30/1975
Stanley K. Hathaway 6/13/1975-10/09/1975
Thomas S. Kleppe10/17/1975-1/20/1977
Cecil D. Andrus1/23/1977-1/20/1981
James D. Watt1/21/1981-11/08/1983
William C. Clark11/21/1983-2/06/1985
Donald Paul Hodel2/07/1985-1/20/1989
Manuel Lujan, Jr.2/03/1989-1/20/1993
Bruce Babbitt1/22/1993-


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