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History and Prehistory in the
National Park System and the
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Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

IX. Political and Military Affairs after 1945

     Ralph K. Bunche House, NY
     Dwight D. Eisenhower Farmstead, PA
     President Gerald K. Ford, Jr., House, VA
     Lyndon B. Johnson Boyhood Home, TX
     John F. Kennedy Birthplace, NA
     Kennedy Compound, MA
     Richard M. Nixon Birthplace, CA
     Sam Rayburn House, TX
     San Francisco Civic Center, CA
     State, War and Navy Building, DC
     Trinity Site, NM
     Harry S Truman Farm Home, MO
     Harry S Truman Historic District, MO
     United States Capitol, DC
     U.S. Car No. I (Ferdinand Magellan), FL
     U.S.S. Nautilus, CT
     Westminster College Gymnasium, MO

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