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History and Prehistory in the
National Park System and the
National Historic Landmarks Program

Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

XXIV. Painting and Sculpture

A. Early American Provincial Painting, 1676-1726

B. Baroque in America, 1720-1776

     Charles Wilson Peale House, PA
     John Trumbull Birthplace, CT
     Benjamin West Birthplace, PA

C. Neoclassicism, 1780-1820

     Clark Hills Studio, SC
     Gilbert Stuart Birthplace, RI
     Benjamin West Birthplace, PA

D. Romanticism

     Frederick E. Church House, NY
     Thomas Cole House, NY
     Chester Harding House, MA
     Thomas Moran House, NY
     William Sydney Mount House, NY
     Saint Gaudens Memorial, Nil
     Thomas Sully Residence, PA
     Benjamin West Birthplace, PA

E. European Influences, 1876-1920

1. American Impressionism, 1876-1920

F. Realism, 1850-1926

     George Caleb Bingham Home, MO
     Thomas Eakins House, PA
     Daniel Chester French Home & Studio, MA
     Winslow Homer Studio, ME
     Samuel F.B. Morse Home, NY
     Frederic Remington House, CT
     John Rogers Studio, CT
     Charles M. Russell Home & Studio, MT
     Lorado Taft Midway Studio, IL
     Henry D. Tanner House, PA

G. Historical Painting and Sculpture: Memory and Dreams, 1876-1908

H. The 20th Century, 1900-1930

1. The Eight, the Armory Show, the New Realism, 1900-1926

2. Art Colonies, 1915-1930
     Ernest L. Blumenschein House, NM
     Gari Melcher's Home, VA

3. Regionalism, 1915-1935

I. The Second Generation, 1920-

1. WPA, 1933-1935

2. Refugees from Europe, 1930s

J. World War II to the Present, 1939-

K. Supporting Institutions

     MacDowell Colony, NH
     Andrew Mellon Building, DC

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