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Thematic Framework

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History and Prehistory in the
National Park System and the
National Historic Landmarks Program

Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

XX. Theater

A. Playwriting

     MacDowell Colony, NH
     Monte Cristo Cottage, CT
     Tao House, CA

B. Performance

     Paul Robeson Residence, NY

C. Directing

D. Staging

E. Producing

F. Theater Buildings

     Fulton Opera House, PA
     Goldenrod (showboat), MO
     Walnut Street Theater, PA

G. Studios

H. Supporting Institutions (Benevolent Society and Awards System)

     MacDowell Colony, NM
     Players Club, NY

I. Theater for Radio and Television

J. Vaudeville and Burlesque

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