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Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

II. European Colonial Exploration and Settlement

A. Spanish Exploration and Settlement

1. Caribbean
     Columbus Landing Site, V.I.
     La Fortaleza, P.R.

2. Southeast
     Apalachicola Fort Site, AL
     Cabildo, LA
     Fort San Carlos de Barrancas (Batteria San Antonio), FL
     Fort San Marcos do Apalache, FL
     Los Adaes, LA
     Saint Augustine Town Plan, FL
     St. Catherine's Island, GA
     San Luis de Apalache, FL

3. Southwest
     Hawikuh, NM
     Palace of the Governors, NM
     Pecos Pueblo, NM
     Presidio Nuestra Senora de Loreto de la Bahia, TX
     San Gabriel de Yunque-Ouinge, NM
     San Xavier del Bac Mission, AZ
     Spanish Governor's Palace, TX
     Taos Pueblo, NM
     Zuni-Cibola Complex, NM

4. California
     Carmel Mission, CA
     La Purisima Mission, CA
     Presidio of San Francisco, CA
     Royal Presidio Chapel, CA
     San Diego Presidio, CA
     San Francisco Bay Discovery Site, CA
     Santa Barbara Mission, CA

5. Pacific

B. French Exploration and Settlement

1. Atlantic

2. St. Lawrence and Great Lakes
     Fort Michilimackinac, MI
     Fort St. Frederic, NY
     Mackinac Island, MI
     Old Fort Niagara, NY
     St. Ignace Mission, MI

3. Mississippi Valley
     Arkansas Post, AR
     Fort De Chartres, IL
     Fort De is Boulaye, LA
     Sainte Genevieve Historic District, MO
     Starved Rock, IL
     Ursuline Convent, LA
     Vieux Carte Historic District, LA

4. Gulf Coast
     Fort Toulouse Site, AL
     Vieux Carre Historic District, LA

C. English Exploration and Settlement

1. Exploration
     Chinook Point, WA
     Cook Landing Site, HI

2. Settlement of New England
     Boardman House, MA
     Capen (Parson) House, MA
     Cole's Hill, MA
     Fairbanks House, MA
     McIntire Garrison House, ME
     Newport Historic District, RI
     Old Ship Meeting House, MA
     Stanley-Whitman House, CT
     Peter Tufts House, MA
     John Ward House, MA
     Whipple House, MA

3. Settlement of New York and New Jersey
     Old Fort Niagara, NY
     Old House, NY

4. Settlement of Pennsylvania and Delaware
     New Castle Historic District, DE

5. Settlement of Virginia
     Bacon's Castle, VA
     St. Luke's Church, VA
     Shirley, VA
     Adam Thoroughgood House, VA

6. Settlement of Maryland
     St. Mary's City Historic District, MD

7. Settlement of the Carolinas

8. Settlement of Georgia

D. Other European Exploration and Settlement

1. Scandinavian
     Fort Christian, VI
     Fort Christina, DE
     Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, OH
     New Castle Historic District, OH
     Printzhof, PA

2. Dutch
     Dutch Reformed Church, NY
     Fort Crailo, NY
     Hurley Historic District, NY
     New Castle Historic District, DE
     Philipsburg Manor, NY
     Philipse Manor Hall, NY
     Printzhof, PA
     Van Cortlandt Manor, NY
     Voorlezers House, NY
     Wyckoff House, NY

3. Russian
     Bering Expedition Landing Site, AK
     Church of the Holy Ascension, AK
     Erskine House, AK
     Fort Ross, CA
     New Russia Site, AK
     Old Sitka Site, AK
     Russian Fort, HI
     Russian Mission Orphanage (Russian Bishop's House), AK
     St. Michael's Cathedral, AK
     Sitka Spruce Plantation, AK
     Three Saints Bay Site, AK

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