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Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

XIV. Transportation

A. Early Turnpikes, Roads, and Taverns East of the Mississippi

     Casselman's Bridge, MD
     Gadsby's Tavern, VA
     Old Salem Historic District, NC
     S Bridge, National Road, OH
     Salem Tavern, NC
     Searights Toll House, National Road, PA
     Smithfield Street Bridge, PA
     Traveler's Rest, GA
     Wheeling Suspension Bridge, WV

B. Ships, Boats, Lighthouses, and Other Structures

     Alcatrez Island, CA
     Balclutha, CA
     Boston Light, MA
     Cape Henry Lighthouse, VA
     Eureka (Ferryboat), CA
     Robert Fulton Birthplace, PA
     Fort Benton, MT
     Hercules (Tugboat), CA
     Sandy Hook Light, NJ
     Star of India, CA
     Ticonderoga, VT
     Wapama, CA

C. Canals

     Delaware Canal, PA
     Delaware and Hudson Canal, NY & PA
     Erie Canal, NY
     Robert Fulton Birthplace, PA
     Illinois & Michigan Canal, IL
     Miami & Erie Canal, Deep Cut, OH
     Ohio & Erie Canal, OH
     Old Lock Pump House, Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, MD
     Potomac Canal Historic District, VA
     St. Mary's Falls Canal, MI

D. Overland Travel West of the Mississippi (i.e. Stagecoaches), after 1840

     Fort Ruby, NV
     Oak Grove Butterfield Stage Station, CA
     Sourdough Lodge, AK
     Warner's Ranch, CA
     Yuma Crossing, AZ-CA

E. Railroads

     William Aiken House & Associated Railroad Structures, SC
     Allegheny Portage Railroad of Pennsylvania Canal, PA
     Baltimore & Ohio Transportation Museum & Mount Clara Station, MD
     Central of Georgia Railroad Shops & Terminal, GA
     Grenville M. Dodge House, IA
     Dousman Hotel, WI
     Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Line, CO
     East Broad Top Railroad, PA
     Ellicott City Station, MD
     E.H. Harriman Estate (Arden), NY
     James J. Hill Home, MN
     Horseshoe Curve, PA
     George Perkins Harsh Boyhood Home, VT
     Old Sacramento Historic District, CA
     Thomas Viaduct, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, MU

F. Urban Transport (Trolleys, Streetcars, and Subways)

     San Francisco Cable Cars, CA
     Tremont Street Subway, MA

G. Automobiles, Buses, Wagons, and Highways

     Fair Lane, Henry Ford's Estate, MI
     Gruber Wagon Works, PA
     Highland Park Ford Plant, MI
     Lincoln Motor Company Plant, MI
     Clement Studebaker House, IN

H. Airplanes and Air Travel

     Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL
     Hangar No. 1, Lakehurst Naval Air Station, NJ
     Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., House, MN

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