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Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

XIII. Science

A. Physical Sciences

1. Astronomy
     Edwin P. Hubble House, CA
     Lowell Observatory, AZ

2. Physics
     Percy Bridgman House, MA
     Arthur H. Compton House, IL
     John W. Draper House, NY
     Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1, ID
     Goddard Rocket Launching Site, MA
     James Hall's Office, NY
     Joseph Henry House, NJ
     Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, NM
     Robert A. Millikan House, IL
     Pupin Physics Laboratory, NY
     Room 307, Gilman Hall, University of California, CA
     Room 405, George Herbert Jones Laboratory, University of Chicago, IL
     Henry August Rowland Home, MD

3. Chemistry
     Russel Henry Chittenden House, CT
     Herbert H. Dow House, NY
     John W. Draper House, NY
     Joseph Henry House, NJ
     Irving Langmuir House, NY
     Arthur D. Little, Inc., Building, MA
     Lafayette B. Mendel House, CT
     Edward W. Morley House, CT
     Joseph Priestley House, PA
     Ira Remsen House, MD
     Theodore W. Richards House, MA

B. Earth Science

1. Physical Geography
     William M. Davis House, MA
     Matthew Hanson Residence, NY
     Leffingwell Camp Site, AK
     Old Naval Observatory, DC

2. Geology
     Edward Drinker Cope Home, PA
     Reginald A. Daly House, MA
     James Dwight Dana House, CT
     William M. Davis, MA
     Leffingwell Camp Site, AK
     C. Hart Merriam Base Camp Site, AZ
     Old Scripps Building, CA
     David White House, DC
     Robert W. Woodward House, DC

3. Hydrology
     Old Naval Observatory, DC
     Old Scripps Building, CA

4. Meteorology
     Cleveland Abbe House, DC
     Fort Myer Historic District, VA
     Leonard Rockshelter, NV
     Old Naval Observatory, DC

C. Biological Sciences

1. Botany
     Arnold Arboretum, MA
     John Bartram House, PA
     Coker Experimental Farms, SC
     Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station, CT
     Desert Laboratory, AZ
     Gemeinhaus-De Schweinitz (Lewis Davis) Residence, PA
     Asa Gray House, MA
     Kennicott Grove, IL
     James Logan Home, PA
     Missouri Botanical Garden, MO
     Morrow Plots, IL
     Mew York Botanical Garden, NY
     Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion Plots, MD

2. Zoology
     Elliott Coues Home, DC
     Kennicott Grove, IL
     Langstroth Cottage, OH
     Frank K. Lillie House, IL
     Elmer C. McCollum House, MD
     Old Scripps Building, CA
     Seton Village, NM

3. Paleontology
     Edward Drinker Cope Home, PA
     Othniel C. Marsh House, CT

4. Psychology

D. Social Sciences

1. Anthropology

2. Economics

3. Political Science

4. Sociology

E. Mathematics

     George D. Birkhoff Residence, MA
     James Logan Home, PA

F. Medicine

1. Clinical Specialties
     Charles Richard Drew House, VA
     Joseph Erlanger House, MO
     Ether Dome, MA
     Founder's Hall, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, NY
     Hill-Physick-Keith House, PA
     Massachusetts General Hospital, MA
     Mayo Clinic Buildings, MN
     Dr. Ephraim McDowell House, KY
     Mills Building, South Carolina State Hospital, SC
     Dr. Daniel Hale Williams House, IL

2. Non-Clinical Specialties
     Founder's Hall, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, NY
     Lafayette B. Mendel House, CT
     George H. Minot House, MA
     Parke-Davis Laboratory, MI
     William M. Welch House, MD

3. Affiliated Disciplines
     William H. Welch House, MD

G. Scientific Institutions

     American Philosophical Society Hall, PA
     Army Medical Museum and Library, DC
     Charles B. Dudley House, PA
     Kennicott Grove, IL
     Frank R. Lillie House, IL
     Arthur D. Little, Inc., Building, MA
     George R. Minor House, MA
     Old Patent Office, DC
     Smithsonian Building, DC
     Robert S. Woodward House, DC

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