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Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

XII. Business

A. Extractive or Mining Industries

1. Iron and Ferro Alloys
     Andrew Carnegie Mansion, NY
     Cornwall Iron Furnace, PA
     Elkins Coal & Coke Company Historic District, WV
     Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine, MN
     Mountain Iron Mine, MN
     Ringwood Manor, NJ
     Saugus Iron Works, MA
     Sloss Blast Furnaces, AL
     Souden Iron Mine, MN
     Stiegel-Coleman House, PA

2. Petroleum and Related Resources
     Charles W. Morgan, CT
     Drake Oil Well, PA
     Lucas Gusher, TX
     E.W. Marland Mansion, OK
     Andrew Mellon Building, DC
     Norman No. 1 Oil Well, KS
     John D. Rockefeller Estate, NY
     Harry F. Sinclair House, NY
     Well No. 4, Pico Canyon Oil Field, CA

3. Other Metals and Minerals
     Bingham Canyon Open Pit Copper Mine, UT
     James C. Flood Mansion, CA
     Jerome Historic District, AZ
     Kennecott Mine, AK
     Andrew Mellon Building, DC
     New Almaden, CA
     Phelps Dodge General Office Building, AZ
     William C. Ralston House, CA
     Reed Gold Mine Site, NC

4. Timber and Lumber
     Port Gamble Historic District, WA
     St. Croix Boom Site, MN

5. Fishing and Livestock
     Charles W. Morgan, CT
     Nantucket Historic District, MA
     New Bedford Historic District, MA

B. Manufacturing Organizations

1. Food, Beverages, and Tobacco
     Anheuser-Busch Brewery, MD
     W.T. Blackwell and Company Tobacco Factory, NC
     Bomberger's (Michter's) Distillery, PA
     Burks' Distillery, KY
     Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant, GA
     Duke Homestead and Tobacco Factory, NC
     Samuel Elmore Cannery, OK
     First Pacific Coast Salmon Cannery, CA
     Milton S. Hershey Mansion, PA
     Lorillard Snuff Mill, NY
     Old Sugar Mill, HI
     Pillsbury A Mill, MN
     Reynolds Homestead, VA
     Washburn "A" Mill Complex, MN

2. Transportation Equipment
     Durant-Dort Carriage Company Office, MI
     Fair Lane, Henry Ford Estate, MI
     Ford River Rouge Complex, MI
     General Motors Building, MI
     Gruber Wagon Works, PA
     Highland Park Ford Plant, MI
     Lincoln Motor Company Plant, MI

3. Machinery and Instruments
     W. and L. E. Gurley Building, NY
     Robbins & Lawrence Armory and Machine Shop, VT

4. Fabricated Metal and Glass Products
     Edward D. Libbey House, OH
     Andrew Mellon Building, DC
     Phelps Dodge General Office Building, AZ
     Phoenix Shot Tower, MD
     Ringwood Manor, NJ
     Saugus Iron Works, MA
     Sloss Blast Furnaces, AL
     Stiegel-Coleman House, PA
     Tredegar Iron Works, VA

5. Thread and Needle Industries
     Cheney Brothers Historic District, CT
     Clark Thread Company Historic District, NJ
     Columbus Historic Riverfront Industrial District, GA
     Graniteville Historic District, SC
     Harrisville Historic District N H
     Historic Augusta Canal & Industrial District, GA
     Lowell Locks & Canals Historic District, MA
     Old Slater Mill, RI
     SoHo Cast-Iron Historic District, NY
     Watkins Mill, MD

6. Paper, Printing, and Publishing
     Crane & Company Old Stone Mill and Rag Room, MA
     Hearst San Simeon Estate, CA
     Tampa Bay Hotel, FL

7. Chemicals and Allied Products
     Herbert M. Dow House, MI
     Eleutherian Mills, DE
     Stan Hywet Hell (Frank A. Seiberling House), OH

8. Home Furnishings and Furniture
     Old Salem Historic District, NC
     Union Tavern, NC

9. Other
     Nantucket Historic District, MA

C. Construction and Housing

1. Commercial

2. Private

3. Public

D. Trade

1. Export-Import
     Alexandria Historic District, VA
     Captain R.B. Forbes House, MA
     Long Wharf and Custom House Block, MA
     United States Customhouse, LA
     United States Customhouse, MA
     United States Custom House and Post Office, MO
     United States Custom House, NY
     Vieux Carre Historic District, LA

2. Wholesale
     Nathan Appleton House, MA
     Old Stone Gate of Chicago Union Stockyards, IL

3. Retail
     Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Warehouse, NJ
     John A. Hartford House, NY
     R.H. Macy & Company Store, NY
     Marshall Field & Company Store, IL
     Montgomery Ward & Company Complex, IL
     New Market, PA
     J.C. Penney Historic District, WY
     Quincy Market, MA
     Sears, Roebuck and Company Complex, IL
     A.T. Stewart Store, NY
     Tiffany & Company Building, NY
     John Wanamaker Store, PA
     Woolworth Building, NY

4. Advertising
     George Eastman House, NY
     R.H. Macy & Company Store, NY
     John Wanamaker Store, PA

5. Commodity Markets
     Chicago Board of Trade Building, IL
     New Orleans Cotton Exchange Building, LA
     New York Cotton Exchange, NY

6. Slave Trade
     Franklin and Armfield Office, VA
     Isaac Franklin Plantation, TN

E. Finance and Banking

1. Commercial Banks
     Bank of Italy Building, CA
     Jay Cooke Home, OH
     Carter Glass House, VA
     J. Pierpont Morgan Library, NY
     National City Bank Building, NY
     William C. Ralston House, CA
     Maggie L. Walker House, VA

2. Savings and Loan Associations

3. Mutual Savings Banks

4. Credit Unions

5. Finance and Personal Loan Companies
     William C. Ralston House, CA

6. Credit Companies (Credit Card Industry)

7. Public Regulatory Institutions
     Carter Glass House, VA
     Mount Washington Hotel, NH
     Old United States Mint, CA
     John Sherman Birthplace, OH
     United States Mint, New Orleans Branch, LA

8. Stock and Other Market Exchanges
     American Stuck Exchange, NY
     New York Stock Exchange, NY

9. General Finance
     Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Building, NY

F. Insurance

1. Fire and Marine
     Insurance Company of North America Building, PA
     Philadelphia Contributionship, PA

2. Casualty and Surety

3. Life
     Equitable Building, NY
     Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Building, NY
     New York Life Building, NY

4. Health

G. Service Industry

1. Food
     Gadsby's Tavern, VA
     Rising Sun Tavern, VA
     Salem Tavern, MC
     Travelers Rest, GA

2. Hostelry
     Dousman Hotel, WI
     Gadsby's Tavern, VA
     Mission Inn, CA
     Rising Sun Tavern, VA
     Sheridan Inn, WY
     Travelers Rest, GA

H. Power and Lighting

1. Electric
     General Electric Research Laboratory, NY
     Roosevelt Dam, AZ
     Seattle Electric Company Georgetown Steam Plant, WA
     Elihu Thomson House, MA
     Wilson Dam, AL

2. Gas

3. Nuclear
     U.S.S. Nautilus, CT

4. Water
     Great Falls of the Passaic/S.U.M. Historic District, NJ
     Hoover Dam, AZ-NV
     Lowell Locks and Canals Historic District, MA
     1762 Waterworks, PA
     Count Rumford Birthplace, MA
     Site of First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction, IL
     X-10 Reactor, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

I. Accounting

J. Defense

     Boston Naval Shipyard, MA
     Samuel Colt Home (Armsmear), CT
     Eleutherian Mills, DE
     Phoenix Shot Tower, MD
     Springfield Armory, MA
     Clement Studebaker House, IN
     Tredegar Iron Works, VA
     Trinity Site, NM
     Watervliet Arsenal, NY

K. Business Organization

     J.C. Penney Historic District, WY
     A.T. Stewart Company Store, NY
     Tredegar Iron Works, VA

L. Shipping and Transportation

     Balclutha, CA
     C.A. Thayer, CA
     Captain R.B. Forbes House, MA
     Hercules (Tugboat), CA
     Long Wharf & Custom House Block, MA
     George Perkins Marsh Boyhood Home, VT
     Star of India, CA
     Wapama, CA

M. Supporting Institutions

     New York Chamber of Commerce Building, NY

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