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Thematic Representation: National Historic Landmarks
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III. Thematic Representation:
National Historic Landmarks

X. Westward Expansion of the British Colonies and the United States, 1763-1898

A. British and United States Explorations of the West

1. Early Pathfinders, 1763-1807
     Long Island of the Holston, TN

2. Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-1806
     Camp Disappointment, MT
     Great Falls Portage, MT
     Lemhi Pass, ID-MT
     Lolo Trail, ID-MT
     Pompey's Pillar, MT
     Sergeant Floyd Monument, IA
     Three Forks of the Missouri, MT
     Traveler's Rest, MT
     Weippe Prairie, ID

3. Scientific and Topographic Surveys
     Desolation Canyon, UT
     Expedition Island, WY
     Fort Atkinson, NE
     Fort Washita, OK
     Pikes Peak, CO
     Pikes Stockade, CO

B. The Fur Trade

1. Old Northwest mod Mississippi Valley Fur Frontier, 1763-1815
     Bailly Homestead, IN
     Brisbois House, WI
     Jean Baptiste Point DuSable Homesite, IL
     Mackinac Island, MI
     Villa Louis, WI

2. Fur Trappers and Mountain Men as Pathfinders
     Kit Carson House, NM
     South Pass, WY
     Walker Pass, CA

3. John Jacob Astor and the American Fur Company, 1808-1840
     Astor Fur Warehouse, WI
     Fort Astoria, OR
     Fort Union, ND
     Mackinac Island, MI

4. Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Era, 1824-1839 (including Rocky Mountain Fur Company, 1822-1834)
     Upper Green River Rendezvous Site, WY

5. Southwest Fur Trade
     Bent's Old Fort, CO
     Kit Carson House, NM

6. Hudson's Bay Company and the Northwest Coast Far Trade
     Fur Seal Rookeries, AK
     Fort Hall, ID
     Fort Nisqually Granary, WA

7. Alaska Fur Trade
     Fort Durham Site, AK

C. Military-Aboriginal American Contact and Conflict

     Springfield Armory, MA

1. East of the Mississippi, 1763-1850s
     Bushy Run Battlefield, PA
     Dade Battlefield, FL
     Fallen Timbers Battlefield, OH
     Forks of the Ohio, PA
     Fort Frederick, MD
     Fort Michilimackinac, MI
     Fort Stanwix, NY
     Fort Toulouse Site, AL
     Hiram Masonic Lodge No. 7, TN
     Long Island of the Holston TN
     Second Fort Crawford, WI

2. The Southern Plains
     Fort Belknap, TX
     Fort Concho, TX
     Fort Gibson, OK
     Fort Larned, KS
     Fort Leavenworth, KS
     Fort Richardson, TX
     Fort Scott, KS
     Fort Sill, OK
     Fort Smith, AR
     Fort Washita, OK
     Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site, KS
     Washita Battlefield, OK

3. The Northern Plains
     Fort Atkinson, BR
     Fort Phil Kearny, WY
     Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency, NE
     Fort D.A. Russell, WY
     Fort Snelling, MN
     Fort Union, ND
     Shawnee Mission, KS
     Wounded Knee Battlefield, SD

4. The Southwest
     Fort Bowie and Apache Pass, AZ
     Fort Davis, TX
     Fort Huachuca, AZ
     Yuma Crossing, AZ-CA

5. The Western Mountains
     Fort Churchill, NV
     Fort Douglas, UT

6. The Pacific Coast

D. Western Trails and Travelers

1. First Westward Trails East of the Mississippi
     Long Island of the Holston, TN
     Sycamore Shoals, TN

2. Santa Fe Trail
     Arrow Rock, MO
     Bent's Old Fort, CO
     Council Grove Historic District, KS
     Fort Larned, KS
     Fort Leavenworth, KS
     Rabbit Ears, NM
     Raton Pass, NM
     Santa Fe Plaza, NM
     Santa Fe Trail Remains, KS
     Wagon Bed Springs, KS
     Wagon Mound, NM
     Watrous (La Junta), NM

3. Oregon Trail and Settlement of Oregon
     Fort Hall, ID
     Independence Rock, WY
     Oregon Trail Ruts, WY
     Robidoux Pass, NE
     South Pass, WY

4. California Trails and Settlement of California
     City of Rocks, ID
     Donner Camp, CA
     Fort Hall, ID
     South Pass, WY
     Setters Fort, CA
     Warner's Ranch, CA
     Yuma Crossing, AZ-CA

5. Mormon Migration and Settlement of the Great Basin
     Emigration Canyon, UT
     Fort Douglas, UT
     Nauvoo Historic District, IL
     Old City Hall, UT
     Temple Square, UT
     Brigham Young House (Lion House), UT

E. The Mining Frontier

1. California Gold Rush
     Coloma, CA
     Columbia Historic District, CA
     New Almaden, CA
     Old Sacramento Historic District, CA
     Old United States Mint, CA
     Sutter's Fort, CA
     Yuma Crossing, AZ-CA

2. Northwest: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Western Montana
     Assay Building, ID
     Bannock Historic District, MT
     Butte Historic District, MT
     Fort Hall, ID
     Jacksonville Historic District, OR
     Virginia City Historic District, MT

3. Southwest: Arizona and New Mexico
     Jerome Historic District, AZ
     Tombstone Historic District AZ

4. Great Basin: Nevada, Utah, and Eastern California
     Bodie Historic District, CA
     Fort Douglas, UT
     Virginia City Historic District, NV

5. Rockies: Colorado and Wyoming
     Central City Historic District, CD
     Cripple Creek Historic District, CO
     Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Line, CO
     Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District, CO
     Leadville Historic District, CO
     Silverton Historic District, CO
     Telluride Historic District, CO

6. Black Hills of South Dakota
     Deadwood Historic District, SD

7. Alaskan Gold Rushes
     Cape Nome Mining District Discovery Sites, AK
     Chilkoot Trail and Dyes Site, AK
     Fort William H. Seward, AK
     Skagway Historic District and White Pass, AK

F. The Farmers' Frontier

1. Farming Frontier of the Old Northwest, 1763-1820
     Erie Canal, NY
     Forks of the Ohio, PA
     Lincoln Boyhood National Monument, IN

2. Settling and Farming the Eastern Prairies, 1820-1861

3. Later Settlements and Farming in the California Valley, Oregon, and Washington

4. Settling and Farming in the Great Plains, 1862-1900

G. The Cattlemen's Empire

1. Great Trail Drives, 1866-1885
     JA Ranch, TX

2. The Cow Towns, 1866-1885B
     Lincoln Historic District, NM

3. Ranches
     Frawley Ranch, SD
     Grant-Kohrs Ranch, MT
     JA Ranch, TX
     King Ranch, TX
     Los Alamos Ranch House, CA
     101 Ranch Historic District, OK
     San Bernardino Ranch, AZ
     Sierra Bonita Ranch, AZ
     Tom Sun Ranch, WY
     Swan Land and Cattle Company Headquarters, WY
     Warner's Ranch, CA

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