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Thematic Framework

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Historic Landmarks

History and Prehistory in the
National Park System and the
National Historic Landmarks Program

Thematic Representation: Units of the National Park System
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II. Thematic Representation:
Units of the National Park System

III. Development of the English Colonies, 1688-1763

A. Physical Development

1. Growth of Urban Areas and Previous Settlements
     Colonial National Historical Park (Yorktown), VA

2. Territorial Expansion
     Fort Frederica National Monument, GA
     Ninety Six National Historic Site, SC

B. Political and Diplomatic Affairs

1. Intracolonial Hatters
     Adams National Historic Site, MA
     Boston National Historical Park, MA
     Saint Paul's Church National Historic Site, NY
     Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, PA (Affiliated Areas)
2. Relations with Parliament and Ring
     Boston National Historical Park, MA
     Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, PA (Affiliated Area)

C. Military Affairs

1. French
     Fort Necessity National Battlefield, PA
     Fort Stanwix National Monument, NY

2. Spanish
     Arkansas Post National Memorial, AR
     Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, FL
     Fort Frederica National Monument, GA
     Fort Matanzas National Monument, FL

D. Social and Economic Affairs

1. Intellectual and Religious Affairs
     Touro Synagogue National Historic Site, RI (Affiliated Area)

2. Economic Affairs and Ways of Life
     Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, MA

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