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History and Prehistory in the
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Thematic Representation: Units of the National Park System
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II. Thematic Representation:
Units of the National Park System

II. European Colonial Exploration and Settlement

A. Spanish Exploration and Settlement

1. Caribbean
     San Juan National Historic Site, PR

2. Southeast
     Arkansas Post National Memorial, AR
     Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, FL
     DeSoto National Memorial, FL
     Fort Matanzas National Monument, FL
     Gulf Islands National Seashore (Bateria de San Antonio), FL-MS

3. Southwest
     Coronado National Memorial, AZ
     El Morro National Monument, NM
     Pecos National Monument, NM
     Salinas National Monument, NM
     San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, TX
     Tumacacori National Monument, AZ

4. California
     Cabrillo National Monument, CA

5. Pacific

B. French Exploration and Settlement

1. Atlantic
     Fort Caroline National Memorial, FL
     Saint Croix Island International Historic Site, ME

2. St. Lawrence and Great Lakes
     Father Marquette National Memorial, MI (Affiliated Area)

3. Mississippi Valley
     Arkansas Post National Memorial, AR
     Chicago Portage National Historic Site, IL (Affiliated Area)
     Father Marquette National Memorial, MI (Affiliated Area)

C. English Exploration and Settlement

1. Exploration
     Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, WA (Affiliated Area)
     Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, NC

2. Settlement of New England
     Cape Cod National Seashore, MA
     Roger Williams National Memorial, RI
     Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, MA

3. Settlement of New York and New Jersey

4. Settlement of Pennsylvania and Delaware

5. Settlement of Virginia
     Colonial NatIonal Historical Park (Jamestown), VA
     Jamestown National Historic Site, VA (Affiliated Area)

6. Settlement of Maryland

D. Other European Exploration and Settlement

1. Scandinavian
     Christiansted National Historic Site, VI
     Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Church National Historic Site, PA (Affiliated Area)
     Virgin Islands National Park, VI

2. Dutch

3. Russian
     Sitka National Historical Park, AK
     Wrangell-St. Elias National Park end Preserve, AK

4. Gulf Coast
     Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, LA

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