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Thematic Framework

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Historic Landmarks

History and Prehistory in the
National Park System and the
National Historic Landmarks Program

Thematic Representation: Units of the National Park System
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II. Thematic Representation:
Units of the National Park System

XIII. Science

A. Physical Science

1. Astronomy

2. Physics
     Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, PA (Affiliated Area)
     Edison National Historic Site, NJ

3. Chemistry
     Edison National Historic Site, NJ

B. Earth Science

1. Physical Geography

2. Geology

3. Hydrology

4. Meteorology

C. Biological Sciences

1. Botany

2. Zoology

3. Paleontology
     Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, NE
     Dinosaur National Monument, CO-UT
     John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, OR

4. Psychology

D. Social Sciences

1. Anthropology
     Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM
     Mesa Verde National Park, CO
     Ocmulgee National Monument, GA

2. Economics

3. Political Sciences

4. Sociology

E. Mathematics

F. Medicine

1. Clinical Specialties

2. Non-Clinical Specialties

3. Affiliated Disciplines

G. Scientific Institutions

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