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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

VII. Political and Military Affairs, 1865-1939

This theme treats related activities from the end of the Civil War until the beginning of the conflict that became World War II. The period was characterized by the reconstruction of the South, the increasing influence of big business and the efforts of 'Progressive' political reformers to counteract it, a "war" with Spain, the increasing stature of the United States as a world power, especially with the entry of the country into World War 1. The period was also characterized by massive immigration and isolationism after the war, the tremendous rise in the standard of living, the Great Depression that followed the 1929 crash of the stock market, and the subsequent increase in the role of the national government in economic and social affairs.

A. The Reconstruction Era, 1865-1877
B. The Republican Era, 1877-1900
C. The Progressive Era, 1901-1914
D. America Becomes a World Power, 1865-1914
     1. Military Affairs (including the Spanish-American War)
     2. Politics and Diplomacy
E. World War I, 1914-1919
F. Military Affairs Not Related to World War I or World War II, 1914-1941
G. Republican Prosperity, 1920-1929
H. The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1941

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