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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

V. Political and Military Affairs, 1783-1860

This theme addresses the related activities during that period in which the United States developed from a weak confederation into a stable and growing nation--a nation capable of coping with most of its major domestic problems, of defending its interests by military action on land and sea, and of holding its own in international diplomacy. There was also a greater democratization of political institutions during this period. This theme also deals with the affairs of government during the three decades preceding the Civil War. The end of this period witnessed the general extension of suffrage to include all white males and expression of the dynamic concept of Manifest Destiny; but these developments were ultimately overshadowed by the increase of sectionalism that led to disunion and the Civil War.

A. Confederation Period, 1783-1789
B. The Constitution
C. Early Federal Period, 1789-1800
D. Jeffersonian Period, 1800-1811
E. War of 1812, 1812-1815
F. Post-War Nationalism, 1816-1828
G. Jacksonian Democracy, 1828-1844
M. Manifest Destiny, 1844-1859
I. Mexican War, 1846-1848
J. The Rise of Sectionalism, 1840-1859
K. The Army and Navy

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