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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XXXIII. Historic Preservation

This theme addresses the history of public and private efforts to protect and manage historic sites and structures.

A. Formative Tears, 1796-1858: The Destruction of Green Springs to the Saving of Mount Vernon and the Hasbrouck House, Patriotism and Preservation
B. Regional Efforts: The South, 1860-1900
1. The South Looks to Government for Help
2. The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities
C. Regional Efforts: Mid-Atlantic States, 1860-1900
1. Memorials to the Revolution
2. American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society -- A Pattern for Private Action
D. Regional Efforts: New England, 1860-1900
1. Regionalism and Preservation
2. Private Historical Societies
3. Society for the Preservation of Hew England Antiquities
E. Monticello: The Emergence of Architectural Interest in Preservation, 1900-1926 -- Antiquaries, Architects, and Museums
F. Emergence of the Automobile and the Restoration of Williamsburg, 1919-1926
G. The Federal Government Enters the Movement, 1884-1949
1. Battlefield Preservation
2. Archeological Preservation
3. The National Park Service and the Hew Deal
4. The National Trust
5. Growth in Professionalism and Technology

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