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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XXXII. Conservation of Natural Resources

This theme addresses the history of public and private management of the nation's land, water, and air resources, including plant and animal life .

A. Origin and Development of the Conservation Idea to 1870
B. Formation of the Conservation Movement, 1870-1908
1. Fish, Wildlife, and Vegetation Preservation
2. Origins of the National Parks Movement
3. Game Protection
4. The Forest Service and Forest Preservation
5. Origins of Watershed and Water Conservation
6. Water Purification and Sewage Treatment
7. Scenic Preservation
C. The Conservation Movement Matures, 1908-1941
 1. Emergence of Federal Conservation Legislation
 2. Birth of Wildlife Management
 3. Fish end Wildlife Refuge System
 4. Forest System Expands
 5. Soil Conservation Movement
 6. Origin and Development of the National Park Service
 7. Range and Forage Protection
 8. Wilderness System
 9. Public Health Through Pollution Control
10. The Great Depression and Conservation

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