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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XXVII. Education

This theme addresses the development of public and private formal education in the United States. It encompasses the careers of noted educators and the history of educational institutions, including libraries, museums, and zoos.

A. Pre-School Education

1. Early Education, Its Conceptual Development
2. Objectives and Methods
B. Elementary, Intermediate, and Secondary Education
1. Development of the System
2. Variant Patterns in the System
3. Effects of Technology
4. Population Change
5. Development of Equal Educational Opportunity
6. Objectives, Curricula, Methodology, and Administration
C. Higher Education (Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools)
1. Primary Models
2. Objectives Curricula, Admission Policies, Teaching Methods, Examinations
3. Social and Administrative Patterns
4. Research, Graduate, Post-Graduate Studies, and Professional Studies
D. Specialized Education
1. Conceptional Development
2. Patterns of Organization
3. Gifted
4. Mentally Handicapped
5. Physically Handicapped
6. Socially and Emotionally Disturbed
E. Adult Education
1. Conceptional Development
2. Institutional Patterns
F. Vocational Training
1. Conceptional Development
2. Apprenticeships and Employee Training
G. Adjunct Educational Institutions
1. Museums, Archives, and Botanical Gardens
2. Libraries
3. Zoos
4. Other Specialized Institutions
M. Special Populations
1. Aboriginal Populations
2. Ethnic Populations
3. Women's Education
4. The Military

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