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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XXIV. Painting and Sculpture

This theme encompasses the history of painting and sculpture by persons either academically trained or self-taught.

A. Early American Provincial Painting, 1676-1726
B. Baroque in America, 1720-1776
C. Neoclassicism, 1780-1820
D. Romanticism
E. European Influences, 1876-1920
1. American Impressionism, 1876-1920
F. Realism, 1850-1926
G. Historical Painting and Sculpture: Memory and Dreams, 1876-1908
H. The 20th Century, 1900-1930
1. The Eight, the Armory Show, the New Realism, 1900-1926
2. Art Colonies, 1915-1930
3. Regionalism, 1915-1935
I. The Second Generation, 1920-
1. WPA, 1933-1935
2. Refugees from Europe, 1930s
J. World War II to the Present, 1939-
K. Supporting Institutions

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