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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XVIII. Technology (Engineering and Invention)

This theme embraces with the development of processes, devices, structures, and tools resulting from the application of scientific princIples. It encompasses the lives and works of engineers, builders, inventors, technicians, and the specialized techniques by which they have executed their works.

A. Measurement, Observation, nod Control (Surveying, Cartography, etc.)
B. Transportation
C. Energy Conversion, Utilization and Distribution
D. Tools and Machines
E. Military (Fortifications, Weapons, and War Vehicles)
F. Extraction and Conversion of Industrial Raw Materials
G. Industrial Production Processes (Including Agriculture)
H. Construction
I. Information Processing, Transmission, and Recording
J. Earth and Space Exploration
K. Water and Sewerage
1. Fire, Safety, Sanitation, and Pollution Controls

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