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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XVI. Architecture

This theme is concerned with the development and expression of building design within the present territory of the United States. It deals with the careers and works of leading architects, structures of outstanding value in design, the evolution of significant architectural styles, and structures richly representative of particular types or geographical regions. Also included is the field of urban design. Subthemes have approximate dates:

A. Colonial (1600-1730)
B. Georgian (1730-1780)
C. Federal (1780-1820)
D. Greek Revival (1820-1840)
E. Gothic Revival (1830-1915)
1. Early Gothic Revival
2. High Victorian Gothic
3. Late Gothic Revival
F. Romanesque Revival (1840-1900)
1. Victorian Romanesque
2. Richardsonian
G. Renaissance Revival (1810-1920)
1. Italian Villa
2. American Bracketed Villa
3. Cast Iron: Gothic, Romanesque Renaissance
H. Exotic Revivals (1830-1860)
1. Octagons
2. Egyptian
3. Moorish
I. Second Empire (1850-1890)
J. Stick Style (1860-1890)
K. Queen Anne-Eastlake (1880-1900)
L. Shingle Style (1880-1900)
M. Period Revivals (1870-1940)
1. Georgian (1870-1920)
2. Spanish (Mission) (1890-1940)
3. Tudor (1890-1940)
4. Jacobean (1890-1915)
5. Neo-Classical (1890-1915)
6. Beaux Arts (1890-1915)
7. Renaissance (1890-1915)
N. Commercial (1890-1915)
O. Sullivanesque (1890-1915)
P. Prairie (1890-1915)
Q. Bungalow (1890-1940)
R. Craftsman (1890-1915)
S. Wrightian (1887-present)
T. Moderne-Art Deco (1920-1945)
U. International (1915-1945)
V. Historic District (multiple styles and dates)
W. Regional and Urban Planning
1. Urban Areas
2. Suburban Areas
3. Parks
4. Cemeteries
5. Regional Planning
X. Vernacular Architecture
Y. Rustic Architecture

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