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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XIII. Science

Included in this theme is the discovery of significant concepts and phenomena including those derived from scientific exploration. It also includes American exploration not related to westward expansion, such as that in the polar regions and outer space.

A. Physical Sciences

1. Astronomy
2. Physics
3. Chemistry

B. Earth Science

1. Physical Geography
2. Geology
3. Hydrology
4. Meteorology

C. Biological Sciences

1. Botany
2. Zoology
3. Paleontology
4. Psychology

D. Social Sciences

1. Anthropology
2. Economics
3. Political Science
4. Sociology

E. Mathematics

F. Medicine

1. Clinical Specialties
2. Non-Clinical Specialties
3. Affiliated Disciplines

G. Scientific Institutions

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