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The Thematic Framework
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I. The Thematic Framework

XII. Business

This theme is concerned with this development of commerce, industry, and domestic and international trade within the present territory of the United States. Included are practices, methods, organizations, and techniques associated with these activities.

A. Extractive or Mining Industries

1. Iron and Ferro Alloys
2. Petroleum and Related Resources
3. Other Metals and Minerals
4. Timber and Lumber
5. Fishing and Livestock

B. Manufacturing Organizations

1. Food, Beverages, and Tobacco
2. Transportation Equipment
3. Machinery and Instruments
4. Fabricated Metal and Glass Products
5. Thread and Needle Industries
6. Paper, Printing, and Publishing
7. Chemicals and Allied Products
8. Home Furnishings and Furniture
9. Other

C. Construction and Housing

1. Commercial
2. Private
3. Public

D. Trade

1. Export-Import
2. Wholesale
3, Retail
4. Advertising
5. Commodity Markets

E. Finance and Banking

1. Commercial Banks
2. Savings and Loan Associations
3. Mutual Savings Banks
4. Credit Unions
5. Finance and Personal Loan Companies
6. Credit Companies (Credit Card Industry)
7. Public Regulatory Institutions
8. Stock and Other Market Exchanges
9. General Finance

F. Insurance

1. Fire and Marine
2. Casualty and Surety
3. Life
4. Health

G. Service Industry

1. Food
2. Hostelry

H. Power and Lighting

1. Electric
2. Gas
3. Nuclear
4. Water

I. Accounting

J. Defense

K. Business Organization

L. Shipping and Transportation

M. Supporting Institutions

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