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The National Park Story in Pictures

Lassen Volcanic NP

LASSEN PEAK, Lassen Volcanic National Park. Our most recently active volcano, Lassen Peak began erupting in 1914, the year World War I also erupted, and it continued through 1917. The law establishing the national park in 1916 directed that no appropriations in excess of $5,000 annually be made available for its administration and protection unless specifically authorized by an act of Congress. This prohibited inclusion of a larger amount in the annual appropriations until the restrictive provision was repealed in 1922.

Meanwhile the National Park Service had the responsibility of carrying our the provision of the 1916 Act which directed the "freest use" of the park for recreational purposes by the public; also the preservation from spoliation of all natural features. That was a large order, on $5,000 a year; and visitors understandably expected better service than could be provided.

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